Pablo Sabbatella (pablito.eth) - Candidate for Security Council Election Sep 2023


As you can see in my application, my main focus and experience is in OpSec. I have been involved in cybersecurity in some way for the last 23 years and now fully dedicated to Blockchain security.

I have a quite big twitter profile where I talk mainly about security in the blockchain ecosystem:
My Twitter account:

I do regular audits for people who are usually target of attacks due to their exposure.

I understand what measures have to be put in place in order to secure Infrastructure, teams and communication channels in order to avoid things like: Discord, Twitter and Telegram accounts being hacked, private kets stolen from devs, social engineering, domain and dns hijacking, etc.

  • Zero-day exploits, Social Engineering, Private-keys management, Secure devices, VMs, Multisigs, Physical security, Data retention and backup, Email & Phone security, OSINT, Secure Browsing, Malware, Firewalls, Secure messaging channels, hardware wallets, etc.

in the early 2000s I founded one of the biggest Cybersecurity portals (Hackemate), I have given many talks and participated of panels at different conferences about Blockchain Security (ETH Latam, LaBitConf, Ethereum Argentina, etc), created one of the best Blockchain Opsec Security courses (with a framework) through Defy Education.


  • Hackemate
  • Defy Foundation
  • Defy Education
  • Ethereum Argentina

I think it is key to understand there’s a new wave of malicious actors coming from the Web2 ecosystem to Web3 and those kind of attacks are being very effective.

You can checks lots of talks, panels and classes I gave in Youtube

Many thanks
Pablo Sabbatella - pablito.eth