Proposal: Arbitrum as official sponsor of Ethereum Mexico 2023

Hey @brichis what a pleasure to have you here!

Ethereum Mexico is one of the biggest events in Latin America!

I have a few questions:

  1. On what date do you plan to launch the event?
  2. Do you have metrics from the previous event?
  3. Is the event 1 day or several?
  4. What other sponsors do you currently have?
  5. Can you give a description of the skills and where the team currently works? I know them all and can attest that they are great builders. But I think it is necessary for the entire DAO to know who is behind this great event.

Translated with DeepL

I also have some questions:

  • I understand that it cannot be denominated in USD and must be denominated in ARB tokens. Here I ask for help from @cliffton.eth

This question is more for the DAO. Very good proposals are coming to the forum like this one and Atoma one. How should we manage these proposals while the Questbook grants are in comino which gives a framework for this kind of proposals?

  • Should we send everyone out to apply for Questbook grants?

  • Do we require them to fit the framework or are there proposals that can be applied for in different ways?

  • How do we evaluate each proposal?

  • At what point should we consider them ready for a vote?

This is a personal message, it does not represent the thoughts of the @seedlatam delegation.