Proposal: Don’t let OP beat ARB in supporting POKT Network Retro PGF!

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Abstract - POKT Network has a current proposal to test out RetroPGF. We have 60,000 OP and 75,000 ARB which have been given as grants by both ecosystems. Our retro PGF round aims to redistribute these tokens to the open source contributors and community members who directly created the impact behind POKT.
This proposal aims to give POKT an additional 50,000 ARB to support our effort and match OP $ value.

Motivation - POKT Network is an open source RPC node network pushing the boundaries of decentralization. Our open source dependencies need funding. We have handled over 5 Billion RPC requests for Arbitrum since launch, and hope to send many times this amount in future.

Rationale - POKT Network is spearheading the evolution of decentralized technology and governance by providing the RPC base layer. They are a needed part of a truly decentralized onchain stack.

Specifications - The round will be run on the Easy RetroPGF platform built by Gitcoin, who are partnering with us on the program. We plan to co-market with supporters like Arbitrum and welcome members of the Arbitrum grants team or foundation to collaborate on helping us make the program even better.

Steps to Implement - Send 50,000 ARB to address arb: 0xd499168E0955B9eBDCCF4cb947aF2989D82EDEA5

Timeline - The round is expected to run during April-May with payout in June.

Overall Cost - 50,000 ARB


Hello, I don’t understand, why do you need 50k ARB?
Why it’s not enough for you 75k ARB?
It is not clear what is the point of equalizing the OP values.
Besides, if you were given a grant of 75k, that means you asked for 75k, and now you just want almost the same amount more.


I think it is a great idea to support decentralized infrastructure like Pokt Network. This proposal is a bit “cheeky” in that there have already been donations from OP and ARB, but the ARB donation was less in value. Personally, I appreciate the challenge to have ARB step up to fund this critical infra.

I don’t think this is accurate. They were given some in the DAO airdrop, but not for this purpose. If they were using it to fund themselves, it would be one thing. Using it to fund open source development is great.


We appreciate the significant work POKT Network has done for the Arbitrum ecosystem. Despite your request for additional funding, we need to balance resource distribution across various initiatives. Your past success and investments from venture capital funds reflect your impact and external trust. You may be able to attract further funds from your partners and investors. We believe that allocating additional funds to you might not find support within the community, as you have already received a significant amount for development. Regardless, thank you for your productive work.


Nice clickbait title


Yes! POKT Network was grateful to receive a genesis grant from Arbitrum DAO. But our goal he is to ensure that it gets in the hands of the independent node runners and open-source developers who create that value for Arbitrum rather than sit idle in a DAO treasury. We hope that by seeing the benefits of supporting contributions that benefit Arbitrum specifically, that this creates a flywheel for these types of contributions and brings our two communities into further alignment around how we create and share value.

Thanks for the kind words. Whether Arbitrum supports this request or not we will still see the Arbitrum community as partners to champion and support the work you’re doing ( :blue_heart:, :orange_heart:)

One point to make clear though is that POKT Network is already fully decentralised and governed by the most equal DAO in web3. Supporting these types of open-source ecosystems regardless of their genesis funding will be an important question as we make a decentralised web3 stack that is sustainable for the long term.

lol you’re not wrong! I wish i could take credit for it :wink:


Don’t really see the value in matching the value and its a lot of friction that you’d need to endure for this (forum post, snapshot, tally vote - at least 1.5-2 months and for what?)

I would much rather see a successful pilot with the funds you already have and then have a bigger ask from us a few months down the line

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