Proposal: Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal

We would like to respond to the issues raised by the above representatives as follows:

Thank you guys very much for your input. We have re-collected more contribution information, as well as the arbiters respective wallets, discord, twitter, etc., and added them to the original proposal contribution list, but this is only a portion of the contribution data that we were able to collect again, and we are very thankful for the support of the DAO representatives!

List of Arbiters’ partial contributions and arbiter profile info,For the sake of DAO reps checking for updates, we’ve listed them separately :point_down:
arbiter simple example table of contributions in different categories - Google Sheets

arbiter simple example table of contributions in different categories - Google Sheets

  1. Why aren’t more specific links to Arbiter’s contributions provided?
    When we first became Arbiter, we all joined and contributed to Offchain Labs out of love for Offchain Labs, but Arbiters didn’t know each other and didn’t realize that OffChain Labs would issue airdrop rewards in the future, so we didn’t designate a person to manage and save the information of everyone’s contribution, Arbiter himself did not save his own contributions, and due to some of Arbiter’s local regulatory policies on the cryptocurrency industry, a lot of information is lost and invalid, So some incomplete information that we didn’t provide.

  2. Why are rewards not distributed equally according to each individual’s contribution?
    As mentioned above, due to a lot of data loss and failure, some Arbiters have been helping other members as supporters of the discord community, but some Arbiters have not been serving the community as supporters of the discord community, but rather have been conducting AMA’s and promotional activities, etc. outside of the discord, and to singularly evaluate the contribution of a certain Arbiter, it would be Obviously not fair, this will directly erase the results of their contributions, so Arbiter unanimously decided to submit all the contributions in summary and the rewards are also evenly distributed, so as not to destroy the unity of everyone but also to let the Arbiter who has made contributions to get the rewards.

  3. why ask for 500,000 Arb bonus and not more or less?
    We finalized the total reward of 500,000Arb based on other communities’ rewards ratios for early contributors (e.g. Across allocating 20M ACX to the community) and based on Arbitrum’s benchmarks for initial on-chain activity rewards, and we think it’s fair to get 2x the max airdrop amount and even conservative considering the time and effort Arbiter has invested in making the community a better place. and effort, this may even be conservative. It is important to understand that the ARB token is a governance token and as such it represents voting rights. From this perspective, the allocation of 20,000 ARB tokens appears to be proportional to the impact Arbiter has had and the time, energy and effort they have invested, and this voting power will give Arbiters a greater say in the future of Arbitrum.

  4. Why does this proposal not have a framework for Arbiter’s future contribution programs and rewards?
    We are simply seeking a one-time retroactive reward from the DAO for our contributions over the last 2 years. The Arbitrum foundation has recently hired their own moderation/customer support team, and have initiated an Ambassador program. Therefore planning future contributions is not something we can assess at this time as Arbiters.

  5. Will rewards be distributed to multi-signature wallets?
    We will ask Foundation to collect all the wallet address’ and provide to the DAO for verification

Additionally, the Arbiter with Discord ID BILLY#7943 has voluntarily forfeited his reward and split it equally amongst the other Arbiters, so we will be modifying the original forum proposal and will be changing the 25 Arbiters in the original proposal to 24, so that the final calculation will be: 20,833.333 $ARB tokens per member x 24 Discord Arbiter = 500,000 $ARB

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