Proposal: Expand Metaverse Capacities of Arbitrum (FINAL)

Scalene (3D) has shut down.

Any tokens called Scalene (3D) that are live on Arbitrum are no longer supported or scam replicas.

Do not purchase any token called Scalene or 3D.


Go Scalene! Looks like it’s the next phase and Arbitrum should definitely consider it


Scalene is set to become a leading platform for 3D content distribution in the metaverse, similar to how TuneCore and DistroKid lead in digital music distribution. With the right resources, I believe Scalene can achieve this. Their platform aims to support 3D creators and developers in monetizing their creative works, and I will absolutely be voting in favor of this proposal. GO SCALENE :rocket:

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Strong proposal. Would like to see this come to fruition!

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I hope Scalene gets the funding and support the project deserves, it’s amazing what the team at Scalene has been able to do on the funding they have, let alone if they have more funding. It’s even more amazing to see their support and interaction with the community which is so amazing to see with a project like Scalene. all I can say is I hope Scalene can continue to achieve great things and possibly greater with the funding/backing of others.

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I think there are two aspects to highlight:

  1. Proposal is making a request to the Arbitrum Foundation, but this is the Arbitrum DAO. It might be worth updating the proposal. The Foundations job is to operationally support the DAO when needed.

  2. I’d recommend looking at another proposal or the Arbitrum Constitution for a template on how to position the proposal. It’ll make your proposal easier to read and first by the community.


With plenty of time for critiques and comments, most recently 2 weeks since we updated the formatting. We are updating this proposal to final.

Without support, Scalene will be shutting down April 2024.

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Due to the impersonation, we’ll be taking our servers offline in an attempt to protect unknowning investors.

Its unfortunate that Scalene could not realize its potential but without support its impossible to realize this ambitious vision.

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