Proposal: Expand Metaverse Capacities of Arbitrum (FINAL)


This proposal outlines a one-time distribution to support arbitrums foray into the metaverse. This is a long-term play in collaboration with long term Arbitrum builders from Team Scalene. The initiative will establish a niche-focused public ecosystem for 3D designers, game developers, and metaverse builders on Arbitrum. The aim is to provide creators with a platform and metaverse engine to showcase, sell, and collaborate in 3D blockchain assets.


Major companies such as Meta, Unreal and Unity continue to pour large sums of funds into the metaverse and 3D games. Scalene is an experienced team with excellent partners that seeks to capitalize on growth of this industry, presenting an economic as well as social and educational opportunity for onboarding new users into the arbitrum ecosystem. Scalene seeks to facilitate the participation of creators by offering a platform tailored to 3D designer and game developers needs, enabling them to create, launch, sell and deploy digital assets, access crowdfunding, and engage in direct sales in both primary and secondary markets within the arbitrum web3 environment.

Support Designers and Developers: Accelerate the onboarding of game developers and designers to Arbitrum.
Create Tools that are Arbitrum Native: Support a wide variety of dapps and games to be created using immersive web3 tools set up to be unified under arbitrum.
Support Network Growth: Support onboarding of users to Arbitrum metaverse and games.


By laying the groundwork for 3D designers and game developers through platform ecosystem and open source tools such as an arbitrum native game/metaverse engine, developers will be able to easily create 3D environment games and metaverses, deploy digital assets to these spaces. Even applications such as metaverse swaps, where participants are able to interact with financially related smart contracts. The opportunity for engagement and growth is very real.

In terms of necessary support, Scalene is seeking a one time distribution in two parts. One to support development of platform ecosystem and open source tooling and another to support 3D/ARB market, a metaverse token that will overtime be abstracted behind the scenes to allow for asset recycling, floor price support, deployment of spaces, issuing of metaverse domain names and other features.


This metaverse support proposal will comprise of 940,000 ARB budget. The first initiative would be to expedite the development of Scalene platform/ecosystem and open source tooling, including platform UI/UX, abstractions for newer users, onboarding, credit card minting (via arbitrum) as well as an open source arbitrum native AI-compatible metaverse engine to empower companies and individuals to create their own self-hosted interconnected and searchable metaverse spaces. This segment would require 407,500 ARB or 43% of the proposed budget.

With an additional 532,500 ARB for 3D/ARB liquidity. This amount would be added to pools over the course of 2 years. Currently our maximum liquidity obligations are 10% of this ask, and our tokenomics are very conservative. (no direct team/advisor allocations, slow distribution based on engagement/adoption.) Beyond this there are many ways that we will become entirely self-sufficient as our models do not solely rely on token value, but rather asset sales, domains etc.

Financial Proposal

The Financial Proposal will comprise the following:

A) 407,500 ARB distribution to Scalene Development Address

  1. 100,000 ARB for UI/UX and onboarding based on web3 standards.
  2. 100,000 ARB for Metaverse Name Service to create a resolving server to connect metaverse domains to metamask and metaverse spaces.
  3. 207,500 ARB to go toward building our arbitrum native metaverse engine, supported by an additional external $100k from Jada AI ecosystem fund (confirmed & signed).

Items 1 and 2 will be reported in terms of expenditures with screenshots/urls as proof of completed work, item 3 will be reported as well as delivered via github.

B) On time installment of 532,500 ARB directly to Camelot Nitro Pool (3D/ARB to be created in direct collaboration and oversight of Camelot.)

Sentiment: Originally I did propose a monthly installment, however my concern is that with a shallow liquidity and a known schedule, users could manipulate this. I’ve shifted to request a 1 time full allotment and would be seeking to lock the liquidity pool or utilize security measures to ensure safety of these funds.

Matched with an equal value amount of 3D tokens allocated for liquidity matching to support ecosystem growth and usage. After 24 months, Scalene aims to be fully self-sufficient and add liquidity over time from our service fees with no further funds contributed by Arbitrum DAO, remaining an arbitrum native suite of products.

Broader Implications for Arbitrum:

Implementing these initiatives will solidify Arbitrum’s position as a key player in the metaverse ecosystem, attracting a diverse range of creators and developers to its platform.

Specification: The proposal outlines specific allocation of ARB tokens for the development of the opensource metaverse engine and liquidity provisions over a two-year period.

What determines short term success? (KPIs)

Network Activity: An increase in related metrics such as TVL, Volume, Users and Transactions, Traction, Collections Created, Assets Deployed.

What determines long term success? (KPIs)

Community Awareness/education: Raised awareness, collaboration, and understanding of arbitrum and its metaverse capabilities.

Games and Spaces: Increased data on developers building within the arbitrum open metaverse ecosystem, total sales, contiguous spaces launched, assets deployed to the metaverse, number of forks and functional deployments of the metaverse engine. Number of metaverse domain names registered and linked to arbitrum wallets.


Scalene aims to establish a vibrant ecosystem for 3D creators, game developers, and metaverse builders on Arbitrum, tapping into the future trillion-dollar metaverse market. This involves developing a metaverse engine, enhancing dApp development tools, and fostering community engagement.


  • 6-8 months, Scalene aims to complete its UI/UX, Onboarding, web3 standards update.
  • 12-18 months, Scalene aims to deliver V1 open source arbitrum native metaverse engine.
  • 24 months, All work delivered, documented and complete. At which point Scalene will take over in a self-sufficient manner.

Overall Cost

940,000 ARB.

*Regarding Scalene and their partners, Scalene Network Inc. is a registered company in Canada in direct partnership with Oprim Inc. (Canada) our strategic partners are industry professionals in their fields.

Thank you for your consideration.

Updated October 22nd.


Edit: Replace “delegation” with “funding”. Appologies for any confusion.


Seeking community feedback.


We have updated our roadmap should this proposal come through. This is not all inclusive of the work that we plan to do. But rather what we feel comfortable delivering on in the following 12 months.

There are elements that will be included from our partners that will integrate when their roadmaps are completed. We hope that the arbitrum community is excited by the potential of these roadmap elements as well as the proposal at large and we’re excited to pioneer the Metaverse on Arbitrum, should we be accepted and supported in doing so


Go Scalene! Looks like it’s the next phase and Arbitrum should definitely consider it


Scalene is set to become a leading platform for 3D content distribution in the metaverse, similar to how TuneCore and DistroKid lead in digital music distribution. With the right resources, I believe Scalene can achieve this. Their platform aims to support 3D creators and developers in monetizing their creative works, and I will absolutely be voting in favor of this proposal. GO SCALENE :rocket:

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Strong proposal. Would like to see this come to fruition!

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I hope Scalene gets the funding and support the project deserves, it’s amazing what the team at Scalene has been able to do on the funding they have, let alone if they have more funding. It’s even more amazing to see their support and interaction with the community which is so amazing to see with a project like Scalene. all I can say is I hope Scalene can continue to achieve great things and possibly greater with the funding/backing of others.

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Appologies if this post is in the wrong category. When we originally created it, the grants section did not exist.

If there is a better category for this post, please advise. We have been long term supporters of arbitrum and believe that it is the ideal chain for our utility.

In terms of updates, Scalene continues to push forward gaining a $100k R&D Ecosystem Funding to develop our opensource AI compatible metaverse engine.

Due to this, we would like to reduce the ask in this grant by $100k as it will be provided by our AI partner Jada, which recently raised $25M+ for their AGI systems, UPHC infrastructure and more.

Jada will be maintaining Scalene as a technology partner into the future and more information on this partnership will be made available as it comes.

As always, thank you to the Arbitrum DAO community for comments, considerations and review.

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Based on this comment, I can conclude that this post is in the right category.

Looking forward to more discussions regarding the framework for applying for funding.

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I think there are two aspects to highlight:

  1. Proposal is making a request to the Arbitrum Foundation, but this is the Arbitrum DAO. It might be worth updating the proposal. The Foundations job is to operationally support the DAO when needed.

  2. I’d recommend looking at another proposal or the Arbitrum Constitution for a template on how to position the proposal. It’ll make your proposal easier to read and first by the community.


Updated formatting and verbage. Thank you for your response @stonecoldpat

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With plenty of time for critiques and comments, most recently 2 weeks since we updated the formatting. We are updating this proposal to final.