ApeChain: Arbitrum Community Interest Check In

Arb fam,

New in here coming over from ApeCoin DAO where I’m the Lead Governance Steward and curious to gage what level of awareness and/or interest the Arbitrum community has in relation to ApeChain.

Pretty big deal where I’m at tbh.



I followed the ApeChain vote on selection of proponent for choosing a chain to launch on. Ive since become a voter for ApeDAO too, i like how most proposals get rejected by the DAO :laughing:

One of the ideas im exploring is a token swap, where projects building on arbitrum can exchange their native gov token with us so we can participate as delegates in each others governance. in general, curious to know how we can support each other better!


Ehh… Love hearing this, Devansh.

And token swaps can be a great thing. I’m interested in seeing more of this as well.

As for the AIP process — yes, this can be tricky at times. Keeping this in mind, the Governance team has a fully on-chain small grant program up to 8500 APE, which will operate outside of the traditional AIP route, that we’re about to kick off we’re all quite excited about.