[Request for Support] Empowering Underrepresented Delegates Proposal

Hello ARDC team,

After attending the ARDC call today, I was advised to create a post here to possibly get support on a Non-Constitutional AIP. The proposal’s authors are @MattOnChain @jengajojo @EventHorizonDAO @404DAO.

The proposal originated during GovHack. We posted it to the forum, gathered community feedback, and responded to concerns. Ultimately, the proposal authors are motivated by a desire to implement a system that diversifies voices and influence in the DAO. We want to be thoughtful about this system’s design, ensuring that it addresses the DAO’s needs and takes into careful consideration the desires of delegates, both big and small.

If possible, we would like the ARDC’s support with reviewing this proposal and helping us to close any gaps and potential pitfalls.

Below is the referenced proposal. Thank you.


Hello Rika and thanks for your request. We’ll be discussing it internally with the ARDC members and circling back if we decide to get involved.