Research Bounty Selections

Thank you to all the teams that applied to complete research bounties! The LTIPP Council has chosen to fund the following two research Bounties for a total of 127,724 ARB.


These teams will start working on measuring the effectiveness of Arbitrum’s incentives programs to provide the DAO a clearer understanding of the success of these programs.

Future Research Opportunities

We encourage the teams not funded and other teams that did not apply to remain engaged in the arbitrum community.

There is still 100,000 ARB allocated for retroactive funding for LTIPP. These funds are reserved for any actions the DAO feels added value to the incentives programs and will be allocated after the conclusion of the LTIPP incentives.

Additionally there will be future research opportunities in the full length incentives program that will begin after the conclusion of LTIPP and STIP.B


Thank you so much @Matt_StableLab & LTIPP Council @WintermuteGovernance @404DAO @Saurabh @karelvuong for believing in us!

Congratulations to the @PYOR team as well!

Looking forward to contributing to Arbitrum Ecosystem!


Thank you @WintermuteGovernance , @404DAO , @Saurabh , @karelvuong and @GFXlabs for believing in and voting for us. Thank you @Matt_StableLab for a clear process.

Looking forward to providing the best insights to help DAO in forming a robust framework for future initiatives.

also congratulations and Good luck to @Euphoria and team Lampros Labs DAO.


Good luck @Euphoria & @PYOR! We looking forward to seeing your work