[RFC] Empowering Underrepresented Delegates

Hi, I have some comments on the proposal.

Instead of giving 1M tokens to the top 10, I think it is better to put a VP cap, so that everyone has the same VP. To avoid giving more VP to the one who has more. For example, everyone on the list should have 1M VP and based on that distribute the 10M.

Secondly, when it comes to assigning VP to each one and given that they have to have a minimum activity, which coincides with the delegate incentive program, I think that in order not to duplicate expenses in the reports, the metrics of the delegate program could be used. For example if delegates do not reach +60% TP they could lose the assigned VP. This would not require additional reporting as they would be sent by the delegate incentive program and all the information would be in one place.

Finally, I think there should be some mechanisms to prevent possible micromanagement of delegates, i.e. over 10M vp.

Note: I am not saying that admins want to micromanage, but I think it is a point to consider.