The Race Begins

GM. I am just trying to get ahead of this conversation to improve the likes of the Arbiturm Ecosystem as it expands.
Under no circumstances should Arbitrum institute a buy back program to improve the price of ARB. This might sound good but it presents a permanent sell pressure on Ethereum which is the underlying asset of all of Arbitrum Defi. Furthermore, there is no small amount of Ethereum that this is okay with.

I do not agree with this but if you must earn some money on the ether that is earned from sequencers stake it to the beacon chain. This must not be liquid staked with any other entity and if it is liquid staked, this token should only be available on Arbitrum and Arbitrum Orbits as Arbitrum Staked Ether. A certain percentage of the revenue, maybe some 40% could be staked. The supply only grows from the sequencer revenue and should never be open to user deposits. Similarly, the Arbitrum Ether Contract (0x8315177aB297bA92A06054cE80a67Ed4DBd7ed3a) should never be used to stake.

Unclaimed Airdrop
It is a no brainer that the Unclaimed ~ 69,000,000 Arbitrum Tokens should be airdropped to the users of the blockchain. There should be a transaction minimum for the airdrop. If a user has only 10 arbitrum transactions, since the airdrop, I don’t see the need of airdropping to them. The qualifications should be up to date but users should be the target rather than those who received the initial drop.

I think there should be a matched ~69,000,000 Arbitrum Tokens to native projects to further boost activity with app specific user drops. Large prjects like Uniswap and AAVE are also worth boosting as well. I’d also like to see some boosting of NFT activity, although I am unsure how that might be accomplished. There should be some bridging incentives as well.

Orbit Funding

I once had a funny dream that there should be a way to extract a rent from Layer 3s. These applications will likely have amazingly low gas fees and their centralization will likely offer a way to have gas fees paid to Arbitrum in Arbitrum Tokens. However, I would be against this if this proposed some form of forced ether selling.

I imagine that Layer 3s have a significant detachment to the laws set for all Layer 2s by the Ethereum Settlement & Execution Environments. Further Experimentation should be done here.

Gasless Day

Lastly, I think Arbitrum should experiment with a gasless day. I imagine it’ll be expensive but I think we should figure out what that might look like. I saw that Arbitrum Burned some 122 Ether in the last 24 hours with some 200k USD in fees. It’ll be expensive. Maybe we’ll spend 1,000,000 USD in Ether but it is an experience worth offering. It may be worth offering this after EIP-4844, but the logistics should be in place.

If EIP-4844 has been implemented and Arbitrum has been updated by Arbitrum day (23 Mar 2024) then I propose that be our first annual gasless day on Arbitrum. If it hasn’t been implemented, I still think it is a worthy pursuit.


While I am heavily in favour of using the Treasury the DAO has to onboard and reward users, I would like to state that I have significant appreciation for the conservative approach Arbitrum DAO has taken thus far. I will promote whatever is best for the ecosystem, however, I do not want to spray Arbitrum tokens everywhere without purpose. As we speak, it is mooning because of the conservatism the DAO has.

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A good idea, but suddenly someone simply didn’t have time to pick up their drop?
I’m not sure if there was a temporary condition for collecting drops?
Do you propose to send the drop to those to whom it has already been sent? Otherwise, how to determine the addresses for the drop?

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Someone didn’t have time to pick up an airdrop between 23 March 2023 and September? Yes maybe they didn’t know but they didn’t claim.
I believe this post will explain it: [RFC] Reallocate unclaimed airdrop tokens for future incentives
My proposal is to send the unclaimed tokens to those who are actively using the chain. Shooting that ~69 Million to everyone who uses Arbitrum.

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This happens when people lose passwords from their wallets or computers or ledgers break down, there are different cases.
The point is, what should you do if a person comes tomorrow to pick up a drop, but it’s not there? It is possible to set a deadline for claiming drops, or to resolve issues individually. For many this is a considerable amount.
Thanks for link - i’ll read it
By the way, I really like this proposal :+1: