Serious People: Proposed KPIs for Arbitrum Grant Programs (LTIPP)

First - we would like to thank everyone for all the kinds words, positive feedback and constructive criticism on this post. When we initially posted this to kickstart the KPI conversation (as we noticed it was a hot topic on calls, but didn’t have a tangible framework being worked on) we were not expecting this much feedback and engagement!

Seeing everyone build on this idea we started is incredibly exciting and rewarding. It’s also the whole point of DeFi in our eyes and something we highly value at Serious People, for everyone to come together with different pieces of the puzzle and collaborate to build something beautiful. This has really made us feel like Arbitrum is a home and a place we want to continue to invest time into as we deeply believe this DAO can be #1 in the next bull run. We are thrilled to continue to be a part of this growing ecosystem!

With that - we want to propose taking all of the above to a working group to try and punch a first cut over the finish line together as LTIPP is quickly approaching. All are welcome, we are tagging as many people as we can (it limits at 10) who interacted wit this post to hopefully engage further on this call together

@thedevanshmehta @paulsengh @aj_eth @shutsuwei @danielo @maxlomu @englandzz @DisruptionJoe @pfedprog @sajjad_sbr

Please invite anyone else who you think would bring value to this conversation!

Meeting Details

Arbitrum KPI Working Group
Thursday, January 18 · 18:00 – 19:00
Time zone: UTC-0

Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(NL) +31 20 708 8560‬ PIN: ‪770 706 312 0921‬#
More phone numbers:

PS - if we skipped some process by pushing this to a working group please let us know! Was not our intent and we are happy to comply with the proper order of operations. Our main goal is simply to drive tangible output and with the LTIPP fast approaching we need to keep moving on this.