Arbitrum DAO News: Governance, Grants and Treasury WG Updates, January 16 📰

Week of intense voting with new proposals, events and discussions to evaluate. :ballot_box:

Additionally, we have added a new segment to learn more about the grants programs and the treasury working group.

Let’s dive into the Arbitrum DAO Updates! :rocket:

:eyes: TL;DR - Week in a Nutshell

  • ADPC: Application and Elections
  • Long-Term Incentives Pilot Program Updates
  • Round 1 of “Our Biggest Minigrants Yet” is Live
  • Arbitrum Treasury and Sustainability Research
  • Active Proposals Live for Voting
  • Notable Forum Discussions
  • Upcoming DAO Calls and Events

:newspaper: Governance News

:scroll: ADPC Open: Application and Elections Open until January 19th

The ArbitrumDAO is in the process of establishing its Procurement Committee.

This initiative has been met with strong support following a temperature check, with 99.28% voting in favor. The ADPC will consist of three members who will be elected through a structured process that includes application submission, a review period, and a final election.

The application forum is open until January 19th.

:calendar: Long-Term Incentives Pilot Program Updates:

The Long-Term Incentives Pilot Program (LTIPP) is an initiative by the Arbitrum DAO to distribute 25-45M ARB to protocols on the Arbitrum network that have not yet received incentives from January to April 2024.

The proposal has been put to a vote on Snapshot, and the application period for members has ended.

A pitching session will be held on Tuesday, January 16thTuesday, 4 -6 pm UTC (11am - 1pm EST), to introduce all the applicants.

:dollar: Grants News

:saluting_face: Round 1 of “Our Biggest Minigrants Yet” is live!

This week, the ArbitrumDAO will be awarding 2,500 ARB each to the four projects receiving the most votes in the “empowering web3 communities” category, for a total of 10,000 ARB distributed in round 1.

Anyone building in the “empowering web3 communities” category on Arbitrum or utilizing Arbitrum technology in any way is encouraged to apply before January 19th, as the voting for applicants will take place between January 18th and 19th.

:fire: Arbitrum Grants Program Updates:

Distribution updates for grants through the Questbook program have been published, along with the status of each application and proposal.

You can find more information here.

:bank: Treasury News:

:scroll: Arbitrum Treasury and Sustainability Research

The Karpatkey report, analyzes the sustainability of the Arbitrum Treasury.

It focuses on ARB token sales, sequencer revenue, and treasury management strategies to maintain financial health.

On Thursday, January 18th, there will be a Twitter Space to discuss the report in more detail in the Treasury working group.

:woman_judge:t2: Some Governance Discussions:

[Non-Constitutional]: Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0


This proposal aims to recognize and reward early community members, known as “Arbiters,” for their significant contributions to the development of the Arbitrum ecosystem from 2021 to 2023.

The proposal suggests allocating 375,000 $ARB tokens to these contributors, who did not receive any airdrops or rewards at the time of the Arbitrum DAO’s inception.

The goal is to establish a transparent and fair reward system through the Arbitrum DAO to acknowledge past contributions and encourage ongoing dedication.


No next action has been determined yet.

[RFC] Constitutional AIP - Security Council Improvement Proposal


This proposal aims to restructure the Arbitrum security council to meet L2BEAT’s updated security council requirements. The goal is to prevent Arbitrum from being downgraded from a “Stage 1” to a “Stage 0” designation. The proposal suggests adjusting the multisig thresholds and extending the exit window for users to align with these requirements.


The RFC period is set from January 11th to January 18th, followed by a Snapshot voting period from January 18th to January 25th.

If any option other than “make no changes” is selected, an on-chain vote is planned from January 30th to February 13th.

The entire process is expected to be completed by February 27th.

[Non-Constitutional] Thank ARB by Plurality Labs - Milestone 2: Scaling Value Creation in the DAO


This proposal aims to fund the second milestone of the Pluralistic Grants Framework for Arbitrum, with the goal of scaling value creation in the DAO.

The proposal seeks to increase funding to 30M ARB annually and is structured into three sections: SENSE, RESPOND, and EVOLVE, each targeting specific improvements in DAO operations.

The initiative emphasizes community-led processes, decentralization, and the importance of scaling rapidly to maintain a competitive edge in the Layer 2 space.


A voting process is set in the forum with subsequent adjustments before continuing the governance process. Option 2, with 92% approval and the goal of funding 30M ARB, is now the focal point.

:ballot_box: Voting Reminders

:date: Governance Calls

Previous Calls:

Upcoming Calls:

  • Open Arbitrum Delegates Emergent Workshop
  • LTI Pilot Program Pitching SessionsContext
  • #10 Arbitrum Open Governance CallAgenda
  • Arbitrum KPI Working GroupContext

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