Vertex Delegate Communication Thread

This will be the main communication thread for Vertex’s Arbitrum DAO votes.

Proposal: Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge)

Type: Snapshot, closing Mar 29, 2024

Vote: For

Reasoning: While we would like to see more metrics included to judge the success of incentive programs, we believe that maintaining momentum in attracting users to Arbitrum is important.

More feedback here: Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge) - #22 by Vertex_Protocol

Proposal: Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO

Type: Snapshot, closing Mar 26, 2024

Vote: For

Reasoning: Tally has a strong record of facilitating governance work. We believe that it makes sense to continue to help facilitate that.

More feedback here:

Proposal: Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program

Type: Onchain, vote ending Apr 6 2024

Vote: Abstain

Reasoning: We abstained from this vote as there were changes made to the proposal between Snapshot and Tally which we don’t feel were communicated well enough. While the increase in expenditure was relatively small, we don’t want this to set precedent for governance processes.

Proposal: Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0

Type: Onchain, vote ending Apr 12, 2024

Vote: For

Reasoning: Retroactive funding with no clear metrics to base success on is not a sustainable practice. However, we recognize that these members provided value with their contributions over the past few years, much of which is hard to quantify now. We value the people who help keep the community afloat, and believe that they should be rewarded. However, we would like to note that this is a situation which we do not expect to be in very often, and would like to see a framework for giving rewards retroactively if this is something the DAO wants to do going forward.

Proposal: Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO

Type: Onchain, vote ending Apr 12, 2024

Vote: For

Reasoning: This proposal has not changed since the Snapshot vote where we voted ‘for’. We continue to support this effort.

Proposal: Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request

Type: Onchain, vote ending Apr 20, 2024

Vote: For

Reasoning: The first phase of Questbook’s DDA program was successful, and we feel the additional resources in this proposal are reasonable given the program’s history.

Proposal: LTIPP Council Screening Period Results

Type: Multiple Snapshot votes, closing Apr 16, 2024

Votes: Mostly ‘for’ with 4 abstain votes

Reasoning: We appreciate and support the work of the council in helping filter these proposals, relying on their expertise we largely voted ‘for’ on most proposals, with a few abstains where we felt details were not as strong as they could be.

Proposal: Delegate to Voter Enfranchisement Pool — Event Horizon

Type: Snapshot, closing Apr 23, 2024

Vote: For

Reasoning: The problems with governance participation in DAOs are well known, and we think this is an interesting attempt to help resolve these issues. The authors have also incorporated much of the feedback that was given.