Tales of Elleria Program Update

Tales of Elleria received 50,000 $ARB to be distributed equally through two major in-game collaborative events with distinguished game partners on other blockchains to onboard new users/players into the ecosystem.

Throughout this event period, we partnered with two prominent games:

1 . DeFi Kingdoms (Avalanche)

Tales of Elleria collaborated with DeFi Kingdoms, a GameFi project built on DFKChain (AVAX Subnet) with over 20,000 players, during the 2-week World Boss Event from December 18th, 2023, to December 31st, 2023. We recreated their famous character, "Bloater the Blob fish”, as a World Boss in Tales of Elleria, complete with a full set of effects and animations.


  1. Spellborne (Ethereum)

For the second event, we partnered with Spellborne Game, a monster-catching MMORPG on the Ethereum Chain, by introducing their signature monster, WooDot, as a World Boss in Tales of Elleria.


Mechanism for Incentives Distribution:

In World Boss Events, heroes attempt to deal as much damage as possible before being defeated by the World Boss. The total amount of damage done across all heroes and attempts will be ranked on the leaderboard, where prizes will be allocated.

The prize pool allocation per event is as follows:

Total Prize Pool per event ► 25,000 $ARB
1st Place ► 1000 $ARB

2nd Place ► 750 $ARB

3rd Place ► 500 $ARB

4–10 Place ► 300 $ARB

11–25th Place ► 200 $ARB

26–50th Place ► 150 $ARB

51–100th Place ► 120 $ARB

101–200th Place ► 25 $ARB

201–600th Place ►10 $ARB

601–1000th Place ► 3.5 $ARB

Total Arbitrum Distributed: 47,800.25

ARB left over: 2,299.25

Plan for leftover ARB:

$ARB will remain claimable until 3 months after the event ends. Any unclaimed ARB by June 31st, 2024, will be returned to the Arbitrum DAO.

Players’ transactions with all Tales of Elleria tokens, from NFTs to Tokens, can be represented with this chart:

  • Average transactions per day (DeFi Kingdom event): 198
  • Average transactions per day (Spellborne event): 213

The green sections represent the duration in which Tales of Elleria distributed $ARB through our world boss event. There was an increase in transaction count per day from an average of 68 transactions per day to approximately 198 transactions a day, a 200% increase in total transaction count, tripling the activity without the STIP grant.

In-Game Volume

  • In-game volume (DeFi Kingdom event month): 29,412 $MAGIC
  • In-game volume (Spellborne event month): 19,724 $MAGIC

Similarly, for in-game fees collected, we saw a sharp increase during the two event periods, reaching all-time highs in fees collected monthly, compared to regular months of approximately 5,000 $MAGIC in fees collected, signaling a 200-400% increase in fees.

Note that fees generated have to be calculated monthly, as the event announcement happens at the beginning of the month, allowing players time to prepare their resources before the event starts in the latter half of the month.

Player Count

Since the introduction of the STIP grant in December, we have seen a steadily increasing player count throughout this period. The average monthly player count peaked in March, the last world boss event, showing a 70% increase in active player counts since the event started from 1413 average monthly players to 2407 average monthly players.

A significant majority of the players were also retained as they continued playing Tales of Elleria in April. In the average monthly user chart above, a significant statistic of 92% of total players retained.


In conclusion, we extend our deepest gratitude to the STIP grant for its pivotal role in Tales of Elleria’s journey. This support provided the essential foundation for our goals, allowing us to innovate and grow in ways we couldn’t have imagined otherwise. However, alongside the grant, we recognized the need to invest additional effort in crafting compelling content with our partners to ensure player retention and engagement. This combination of financial backing, proactive content creation, and partnered project support proved to be a winning formula, resulting in significant achievements for our project.

Throughout the grant period, we witnessed remarkable strides forward. Notably, our collaborative events with DeFi Kingdoms and Spellborne garnered outstanding success. These partnerships not only expanded our reach but also retained users. The tangible outcomes, including substantial increases in player count, transaction count, and fee generation, underscore the effectiveness of the grant in driving our project’s success. As we reflect on these achievements, we’re inspired to continue our growth of Tales of Elleria.