Team 19: ART to gov-nect

Arbitrum GovHack Track

  • Track Name (Activation, Betting on Builders & Onboarding)

  • Members:
    · Soho
    · Naya
    · Sebas

  • Team Lead contact name or alias:
    Sohobiit: X · Telegram

  • PITCH: :point_right:t2: Presentation Video Link :point_left:t2:

  • Proposal TL;DR

Involves using art as the main tool for the onboarding process, designing creative experiences that allow more people to effectively integrate into a community or company. This includes artistic activities, collaborative workshops, and participatory projects that foster individual and collective expression, thereby strengthening social bonds and promoting an inclusive and enriching environment.

Challenge Statement:

The challenge is to design an innovative strategy that uses art as the main tool for the integration and implementation process within governance, creating creative experiences that facilitate the participation of a greater number of people within the community and for the community. This involves developing disruptive ideas to test how they are accepted.

:wind_chime: What the problem is?

Can make Art a tool to amplify an artist’s work and serve as a governance method mixing Arbitrum. Integrating art into governance structures not only empowers artists but also adds a creative dimension to decision-making processes, fostering inclusivity and innovation.

Nowadays, NFTs are evolving beyond mere wealth generation, gaining significance within DAOs. They represent not just financial value, but also a means to govern through art, empowering collective decision-making with creativity.

:key: What is the solution?

Amplify the work of cause-driven artists to raise awareness.

Governing through art is an innovative concept within the ecosystem and particularly within Arbitrum. Imagine the potential to attract new individuals to adopt the Arbitrum network, recruit new delegates, all accomplished through the power of art.

Art + Governance + Arbitrum = :blue_heart:

Through NFT ART & Artists :

  • Attract more people to the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Govern through ARB.
  • Amplify the work of cause-driven artists to raise awareness.

:paintbrush: Why is important?

It’s important to integrate art into governance methods because, as artists, we’re crucial within the ecosystem, aiming to delve into the Web3 world with our art. We strive to continue growing and sharing our art, reaching unseen places and utilizing novel approaches.

  • Art adds a unique perspective to decision-making processes, fostering creativity and inclusivity.
  • Integrating artists into governance ensures diverse representation and enhances community engagement.
  • Utilizing art in governance fosters innovation and creates a more vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.
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