Introducing Arbitrum #GovMonth: September 04-29

Arbitrum #GovMonth: Incentivized governance participation


The Arbitrum DAO is excited to launch Arbitrum #GovMonth! An exciting opportunity for all $ARB holders to express their views on hot topics all while earning more ARB. We believe that “sensemaking” is an important starting point and under-rated part of governance.

We’re thrilled to provide over 200k $ARB to participants in Arbitrum #GovMonth. This includes:

  • (Up to) 100k $ARB rewards for participating in sensemaking
    • DAO Native Vision Mission & Values
    • Strategic Priorities for Grant Program Funding
    • Hot Topics (Liquidity Incentives, Delegate Pay, Licensing, & Conflicts of Interest)
  • +$100k allocated to builders using the Gitcoin Grants platform
    • Using the output of the “Gitcoin Domain Round” we will distribute +100K ARB
    • Funding will be allocated to each of the following domains:
      • Education, community growth & events
      • Gaming
      • Developer tooling on Nova
      • New protocol ideas
      • Open category - for all other ideas

Why Governance Month Matters

At the heart of our Arbitrum community are its members. Your opinions and ideas are crucial in guiding the DAO toward a future that aligns with your expectations. This is your chance to directly influence decisions that impact our collective journey.

Your direct input will help us to recommend a vision & mission statement, prioritize funding strategies, set boundaries for spending, and build pipelines of ideas and information. All of this will be used to create a best-in-class grants program and jumpstart a new era of governance participation in decentralized & autonomous organizing.

How To Get Involved

Follow us on @ArbitrumGrants to keep track of the latest news. Once kicked off, you will be directed to the full list of actions you can take which will reward you a portion of the 100k ARB being deployed using ThriveCoin event tracking & automated distribution. Each sensemaking tool has its own “meaningful contributions” where you can progressively earn more by participating more “arbSense” which is used to track the points.

We have carefully selected a suite of DAO-native tools to better understand how the DAO wants to spend its treasury. These include,,,, and Gitcoin.

What’s in scope for Arbitrum GovMonth?

During the month, there will be four primary concentration areas:

  1. Building the Arbitrum DAO Vision, Mission & Values
  2. Defining the short and long term priorities for grant funding
  3. Building a pipeline of the best web3 builders
  4. Defining Arbitrum ecosystem stakeholders & communication paths

For more information on why these concentration areas are important - see the Plurality Labs proposal.

Let’s Shape Our Future Together!

Arbitrum GovMonth is a celebration of our community’s diversity and collective vision and your involvement is pivotal. Join us for GovMonth on September 04 to 29 as we embark on this exciting journey of collaboration and growth.

Kick off is just around the corner, so mark your calendar, spread the word, and get ready to contribute to the future of our community!

Follow us on @ArbitrumGrants for the latest details

For inquiries and further details, contact


#GovMonth looks super fun and well thought out! Really like how some of the group-decision making platforms are being used in combination here as well.

The four primary focus areas you laid out (from Plurality Lab’s initial proposal) seem like a great place to focus energy on as well. Looking forward to seeing it play out this coming month!


And of course there has to be a twitter thread…


Love the “sensemaking” from the get go. This approach will promote healthy growth & participation in making this an efficient well built DAO.
Can’t wait to see where conversations will lead especially in regards to the Vision, Mission, and Values.

LFG #GovMonth!


Pumped for #GovMonth! Thank you @shawn16400 and PL, looking forward to working with everyone on this!

My only feedback is that the current tuesday meeting clashes with other commitments, is there way to have meetings in two timezones or a way to contribute async?


Congratulations @shawn16400 and PL, looking forward to it!


Yahoo! We made a proposal for the Mexican community for Arbitrum, and we learned, I hope, that we can apply to make governance processes crystral clear in our LATAM brothers and sisters. Happy to hear about this initiative.


I think we can help with this friend

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Awesome this is great, I think incentivising Gov participation is great for the web3 ecosystem and I’m happy to see Arbitrum DAO lead in this space.


In the eternal word of Fyodor Dostoevsky,

Talking nonsense is the sole privilege mankind possesses over other organisms. It’s by talking nonsense that one gets to the truth. - “sensemaking” in this regard. My thoughts is to make sure we add a healthy amount of fun and not make it overly serious or make it appear so. We can have fun while charting a great path for Arbitrum through governance.

Let the Governance fomo begin!

Stoke to see this!

Thank you @shawn16400


gm + lfg + most common texting abbreviations include

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This seems to be a slight departure from the strategy other L2s have been taking regarding governance incentivization which is really nice to see!

I’m excited to track the impact of the program and participate as well. Nice job putting this together Shawn and folks