[RFC] Reallocate unclaimed airdrop tokens for future incentives


RFC: Reallocate unclaimed airdrop tokens for future incentives

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Arbitrum rewarded its early users with a massive airdrop in March 2023. The token claim period lasts approximately 6 months and was terminated yesterday. During this claim period, 94 percent of the ARB of the total 1.162 billion tokens allocated to airdrops have been claimed. This proposal recommends the reallocation of unclaimed tokens as future incentives for the Arbitrum ecosystem growth.


The primary objective of this AIP is to repurpose the ARB tokens that have been allocated for users and distributed through airdrop, which have not yet been claimed by the entitled users, instead of sending these unclaimed tokens to the DAO treasury. Within the framework of repurposing, we propose that the unclaimed ARB tokens be re-evaluated in terms of implemented or to be implemented ecosystem incentives and redistributed to Arbitrum users. We believe that, in this way, the user activity on Arbitrum will once again be positively affected.


According to the previous data and metrics published, it is an undeniable truth that incentive programs have an enormous impact on ecosystems and their growth. As appears in the governance forum and AIPs, we support the concept of incentives and appreciate the increase in incentive programs. In addition to previous arguments, Arbitrum allocates a considerable amount of funds for their community as an airdrop, probably the most effective one among Layer 2’s. Therefore, instead of returning those unclaimed allocations, it is proper to ask for their reallocation for the community.

Specifications -

As we have pointed out, we suggest that the unclaimed ARB tokens, at the end of the process, be used as incentives rather than being sent to the DAO treasury. We can summarize a few possibilities where the mentioned ARB tokens could be spent as incentives as follows:

1- Unclaimed ARB tokens can be added to the budget for future incentive programs.

2- Unclaimed ARB tokens can be incorporated into the budget for grant programs.

3- Unclaimed ARB tokens can be distributed as an incentive to active delegates and voting users who frequently vote and play an active role in the Arbitrum Governance Forum.

4- Unclaimed ARB tokens can be used as incentives to be distributed at the Odyssey event.

5- Unclaimed ARB tokens can be distributed to active DAOs on Arbitrum.

6- Unclaimed ARB tokens can be evaluated with the help of a snapshot taken after the date the airdrop was implemented and can be sent to users who have claimed their airdrop.

7- Unclaimed ARB tokens can be distributed as a fee to Ambassadors who will be accepted within the frame of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program.

Steps to Implement

Through the period of redistribution, we recommend the guidance of Arbitrum DAO Given in the proposal Arbitrum's Short-Term Incentive Program (Arbitrum Improvement Proposal), in case of token distribution Hedgey can be used for determining lock up periods, vesting schedules, and token allocation.


The timeline is not precise at the moment. We’re open for community opinions on the given idea and plan to rewrite off-chain and on-chain proposals with detailed timeline and implementation specifications.

Overall Cost

Since this proposal is a RFC, we only request the fund reallocation for future programs. The management of the unclaimed budget may be a considerable issue for future plans.


I think it should be distributed to active users. Because this part was originally prepared for airdrop. Although they did not receive it, the nature of this portion of the funds has not changed.


I think the idea of “returning tokens to communities that have already been allocated for” is mirrored in this proposal. Since there are many incentive programs planned to be established in Arbitrum for protocols, I think this additional fund should be allocated to delegates who have impacted and added value to the ecosystem and decisions made.

So I think those utilities can be evaluated for the remaining tokens. There’s no such incentive for delegates who comment on governance forums, vote on governance decisions with a high participation rate, or prepare reports for their community. The number of governance labs is increasing, which shows an important stage for the value of ecosystem growth and governance, so those who participated should be rewarded for future sustainability.


I agree with the comment made by @0xdilara above.

Distributing these tokens as an airdrop to individuals who have contributed to governance, as we have seen previously with Optimism, will not only reward the efforts of delegates but also pique the interest of those who are not currently active in governance. We are aware that there are many holders and investors who have not delegated their tokens. Involving these individuals in governance will increase diversity.

Moreover, allocating the portion earmarked for ‘airdrop’ in ARB tokenomics back to the community as an ‘airdrop’ will ensure its distribution as intended. For reference, I am providing the link to the recent airdrop conducted by Optimism: Airdrop 3 | Optimism Docs


I don’t think those funds should be used for airdrop to any individuals. If Arbitrum wants to reward governance participation they can spera some of it’s tresuarry funds.

Those tokens already sperad for the genesis airdrop so those tokens are not mean to be any other individuals. Those re property of Arbitrum. Distrubuting them through incentives to the DAOs would be create much equal and fair distrubution.

On regards of what Optimism done can be done later from Arbitrum DAOs holdings.

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We see that the amount distributed in Optimism’s example is already from the allocation made for ‘Airdrop.’ In this proposal, the tokens to be distributed are also requested from the portion allocated for ‘Airdrop.’ Therefore, I do not think it is correct to use the tokens transferred to the treasury for ‘Airdrop’ again in the future.

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I think we need more incentives for our huge ecosystem.

Doubt that STIP with 50m $ARB will be enough.

Our DAO really need to consider using these coins to further boost users and builders.

They were already counted as distributed for airdrop, so makes most sense using them as incentives.

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I think it should be added to future drops

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???… need clarity that was and discussed, for FUIMUS7 (user). Pretty much what it’s happening.

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how can i vote ? i can’t vote now

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Thanks @ITUblockchain for the proposal. I support the following two options since they offer best long term value and alignment between delegates and the DAO

I’d additionally like to propose a proactive delegation program where atleast a part of these tokens are delegated to active delegates with governance experience but insufficient voting weight to put proposals on snapshot.


You could sort of think of this as an airdrop that goes back to active users. If top protocols get these tokens, they will go to the most active users.

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“I think this additional fund should be allocated to delegates who have impacted and added value to the ecosystem and decisions made.”

We have already proven our efforts long before the DAO even existed. Consider this proposal :slight_smile:


I think there has been a plethora of inquires screaming for suggestions on steps to claim, and maybe not receiving the filling information such as wallets, what addresses, and what new protocol is getting voted for especially with acts of the DAO like giving his trust in the platform by the 22 million plus voting power and the DAO gas required over years 11 months ago.
I think the DAO has delivered consistently and conservative, low risk, high reward based on what is borrowed or lended, and has not jailed any bore a substantial amount of time where keeps the communities risk management healthy.
I believe the DAO has requests help in numerous amount of occasions and intends to attempt to claim the unclaimed tokens, which very easily be accomplished with a guardian.
How can the DAO get help in a seamless simple source of DM , Email. a friendly AAVE Framework Guardian.
The tab would be
“ AAVE PAIR PAL “ The user experience would be incredible and would decrease functionality mistakes, and increase Protocol Safety.
I do believe the DAO is a lot of assets with the guardians and to the community and still have excellent HF.
It can be overwhelming probably for tte DAO and wants clear precise steps and assistance to g as fe a in action steps with a time and date to execute so the DAO doesn’t not guess the Path that was in agreement with the community.
My opinion this would be a milestone for the community and add another function to to protocols and perhaps be the pioneer.
It would add numerous positive measures of Future Liquidity Protection, Proposals and increase the safety of the community the would eventually move across different networks for models.
It would increase the learning curve as well with what still is looked at as young technology.
Lets Delegate a volunteer. This could probably the whole function in its self. It would illuminate confusion on, maybe what the content of the DAO would be trying to articulate.

Best regards,


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How do I vote and support this proposal?

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i agree to airdrop Unclaimed ARB tokens to ARB holders ( Atleast 6 month hold ) and ARB delegators and Dao Voters . and need put more condition for these two case that i mentioned . like vote number or etc …

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Tell me, can I still get an unclaimed airdrop?

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