Tide Protocol Bi-Weekly Update [STIP] - Mar 27 2024

ARB claimed so far: 80000
ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Last Two Weeks: 46000
ARB left over: 19200

Contracts incentivized over the last 3 weeks: 11
Contract name: WaveContract

We incentivised 10 projects to launch campaigns for “Tide Arbitrum Tsunami”. A series of campaigns to promote on-chain actions on the Arbitrum chain. Check our website to see the space by searching for Tide Protocol.

|Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3|

|— | — | —|

|Project | Contract | Arb distributed|
|Zaros | 0xa94164b51e7aEc9d4DD7ef17562BE97d091A499D | 3000|
|Flood | 0x45eb92fFF50c9cd4cA45d85CfF223c84c4506D03 | 3000|
|Magpie | 0xc2F1793dd24A96aBEafA7dDf82a94EF63D59F970 | 3000|
|1inch | 0x7B1b6e13830223701fD5aa021459396f6B0497EA | 5000|
|Swaap | 0x134038a53798457e2236a001cf44738526D594f6 | 5000|
|Interport | 0x5590e4050870Fa0daDEd9cE55ef07BA7170D8b77 | 5000|
|LandX | 0xc76566BC58Ee84e8E7CeD08A84301Eb5529cFddb | 5000|
|Rhino Fi | 0xEF1bD616fa15166d8B77D35A5a1D3af05103E7C1 | 5000|
|Unstoppable | 0xb6fDeb12925486D186001D9591D0dC2E4A9Bc20D | 5000|
|Bungee | 0xf22D429B1EDDD66FDb08cf6E201139C25fc5A87A | 5000|

We also launched a campaign with Magpie distributing an additional 2000 ARB. The contract address is: 0xcda9018841bad4031C4829ED1B6DA77e4481Ac6C

[Form 23] completed for all addresses: Yes

Plan for leftover ARB: Organise more campaigns to promote the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Summary of incentives:

In the table above you can see that we distributed 44k ARB with the initiative called “Tide Arbitrum Tsunami” where 10 projects launched campaigns with quests. Moreover, Magpie launched a separate campaign distributing 2k ARB.

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig: -

Tide team started is working with projects on ARB ecosystem. We organised “Tide Arbitrum Tsunami” a series of 10 campaigns asking users to complete quests on the arbitrum chain. Users are asked to swap, bridge and provide liquidity to be able to enter in a raffle. Each raffle distributes 3K or 5K to 100 users. So each user that completed all the quest will have the chance to win 30 or 50 ARB tokens.

This activity brought more than 1.5k users and more than 6000 mints in 5 days. It will end on march 29 2024.
We used the STIP to incentivize actions on Arbitrum while helping projects that build on arbitrum grow their communities. We partnered with the following projects:

  • Zaros
  • Flood
  • Magpie
  • 1inch
  • Swaap
  • Interport
  • LandX
  • Rhino Fi
  • Unstoppable
  • Bungee


Check: check dune dashboard called tide-arb under five_elements_labs

Average daily TVL: -

Average daily transactions: -

Average daily volumes: -

Number of unique user addresses: -

Transaction fees: -

Link to Dashboard showing metrics: -

Plan For the Next Two Weeks

We are distributing on Friday march 29 44k ARB tokens from the Tsunami Campaign. We are also looking for new projects to partner with to distribute the ARB remained. Campaigns with current partners will go live. We already have new campaigns for around 5k ARB we would like to launch.

Amount of ARB to be distributed: 44000

Contracts that will be incentivized: -

Contract address label [Form 23] completed for all addresses: -
Mechanism for distribution incentives: We are doing Raffle campaigns and quest campaigns. Moreover, for new protocols joining Tide we are developing a new point based campaign with an associated leaderboard that promotes continuous engagement and retention bringing more value than traditional quests. These types of campaigns got millions of volume with a limited budget

Summary of incentives plan: Offer incentives to run campaigns on Tide

Summary of changes to the original plan: we organized a big event distributing most of the STIP grant we received as we needed to distribute the tokens fast. Web3 marketing campaigns build by projects themselves on our builder take time to organize. So, to speed things up, we decided to build ourselves the campaigns in partership with defi projects.