Tide protocol first bi-weekly update (STIP)

Recap Of the previous two weeks:

Tide team started the activity of disbursement and is working with projects on ARB ecosystem to run innovative liquidity mining campaigns. Today the first campaign in partnership with 1inch will go live (link will be posted in the comments). As most of the partner teams were on winter break, we have just started with the campaigns.

ARB Received Last Disbursement: 11 429

Contracts incentivized over the last two weeks: -

Contract address label: -

ARB left over: 11 429

Plan for leftover arb: Distribute them in campaigns hosted on Tide.

Tide team will be running data driven airdrop with projects in the arbitrum ecosystem.

  • Quests
  • Raffles
  • Embedded quests

Some of partner projects for next campaigns: 1inch, magpie, contango, swell, smilee, zaros, bungee


Average daily TVL: -

Average daily transactions: -

Average daily volumes: -

Number of unique user addresses: -

Transaction fees:

Link to dashboard showing metrics: dune dashboard

PLAN For the next two weeks:
Launch 3-5 campaigns per week working with partners protocols


It was interesting to see the link to the first campaign with 1inch