Updates to the STIP Bridge Timeline

Extension of the Application Deadline

Due to the many STIP /Backfund protocols missing the May 3rd Deadline, we are extending the deadline to apply to Tuesday, May 14th at 11:59 PM UTC.

However, any Applications submitted after the initial May 3rd deadline will automatically require a challenge snapshot.

All challenge snapshots posted must receive at least 66% of the votes in favor of funding (Excluding abstain votes) in order to receive their bridge funding.

How to Apply Late

  1. Create a new forum thread in the STIP Bridge section of the forum
  2. Title thread [Protocol Name] STIP Addendum
  3. After creating an addendum thread, Applicants will be assigned an Advisor
  4. Use the Addendum Template to apply
  5. Applicants will then have until May 14th at 6:00 PM UTC to work with their advisor and finalize their addendum

Extension of the Challenge and Review Period

To give delegates more time to evaluate the success of STIP campaigns we will be extending the Challenge and review period until Monday, May 20th at 5:00 PM UTC

The ARDC will be posting an analysis and report of the STIP to give delegates a better understanding of which protocols were successful in their STIP campaigns.

Challenge Snapshots will now all start Monday, May 20th at 6:00 PM UTC.

What Happens During the Challenge and Review Period

  • The Challenge and Review Period will run until May 20th, 5:00 PM UTC.
  • Delegates will review the addendums to identify applicants they believe need further review before being funded. A full list of addendums can be seen here
  • Delegates should comment as a reply to the addendums stating their intent to post a challenge snapshot and provide reasons why.
    • The suggestion is to provide objective reasons, backed by data, on why a protocol participating to the STIP should not receive a STIP bridge funding.
  • All late applications will automatically have challenge snapshots posted for them.
  • Any challenge snapshot posted must receive at least 66% of the votes in favor of funding (Excluding abstain votes) in order to receive their bridge funding.

How To Post a Challenge Snapshot

  • Any delegate with at least 500K ARB delegated can post challenge Snapshots
  • If a DAO member, who does not have 500k ARB delegated, wants to post a challenge Snapshot, will have to seek the support of a delegate who has enough voting power to do so
  • Challenge Snapshots should be posted using the Challenge Snapshot Template
  • Challenge Snapshots should use the basic voting option on Snapshot
  • All challenge Snapshots should be scheduled to start at 6:00 PM UTC on May 20th

Hey everyone,

We (Lampros Labs DAO) have created a live voting dashboard to track the voting of all protocols that are up for voting in the STIP-bridge program.

This dashboard provides information about all the protocols’ snapshot voting links, forum proposal links, asks, and live voting statuses for each proposal, all in one accessible dashboard.

Anyone can track the live voting of the protocols in the dashboard. There are 6 protocols that were submitted late and will go through the snapshot voting process, 12 protocols that were challenged by delegates, and the rest were optimistically funded as there were no challenge snapshots posted for these protocols.

Delegates can personalize the dashboard for themselves by creating a copy of the sheet, allowing them to update the status of voted proposals in the last column of the dashboard and see dynamic changes in cell background colours for the first four columns to track their own votes. (P.S. - Please note that while personal copies enable personalization, the sheet will not be updated for personal copies. The main public link remains active and is updated every 5 minutes for all community members.)

I would love to receive feedback, suggestions, or any changes you would like to see in this sheet.

Check out the dashboard from the below link and please share your feedback.

Dashboard link -

STIP-Bridge_Voting Dashboard_Created by Members of Lampros Labs DAO - Google Sheets.

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