Challenge and Review Period Clarification

Thank you to all the protocols that applied for the STIP bridge!

Now that the tally proposal has passed all protocols have been optimistically funded. The STIP Bridge will now enter the Challenge and Review Period.

What Happens During the Challenge and Review Period

  • The Challenge and Review Period will run until May 11th, 5:59 PM UTC.
  • Delegates will review the addendums to identify applicants they believe need further review before being funded. A full list of addendums can be seen here
  • Delegates should comment as a reply to the addendums stating their intent to post a challenge snapshot and provide reasons why.
    • The suggestion is to provide objective reasons, backed by data, on why a protocol participating to the STIP should not receive a STIP bridge funding.
  • Any challenge snapshot posted must receive at least 66% of the votes in favor of funding (Excluding abstain votes) in order to receive their bridge funding.

How To Post a Challenge Snapshot

  • Any delegate with at least 500K ARB delegated can post challenge Snapshots
  • If a DAO member, who does not have 500k ARB delegated, wants to post a challenge Snapshot, will have to seek the support of a delegate who has enough voting power to do so
  • Challenge Snapshots should be posted using the Challenge Snapshot Template
  • Challenge Snapshots should use the basic voting option on Snapshot
  • All challenge Snapshots should be scheduled to start at 6:00 PM UTC on May 11th
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I think the situation in tally needs to be resolved first. Do you know why it appears like this?

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should be a UI glitch, we are confirming it in Tally discord