[RFC] ArbitrumHub: A Request for Community Feedback and comments


ArbitrumHub is a platform designed to serve the ArbitrumDAO community by providing a single point of access to a wealth of information and resources, thanks to support from pL Labs led by @DisruptionJoe . It facilitates a streamlined approach for general users to engage with different initiatives in ArbitrumDAO and offers detailed insights into upcoming events. The hub is designed to boost user engagement and draw in new users using targeted strategies and by consistently updating information to improve understanding of ArbitrumDAO. Essentially, ArbitrumHub seeks to foster an informed, engaged community by providing all stakeholders, from developers to investors, with immediate access to vital information.

For more details on arbitrumhub: refer to this forum post
Website: Arbitrum Hub
Twitter: Arbitrum Hub


ArbitrumHub is a platform serving the ArbitrumDAO community by providing seamless access to information, real-time updates, event coordination, and collaboration opportunities. The RFC is seeking feedback from the community to draft a final proposal for the DAO to secure relevant support for maintaining and expanding ArbitrumHub according to the DAO’s needs.

The Need for ArbitrumHub and Its Uses

ArbitrumHub addresses the need for a coherent resource within the ArbitrumDAO community. As the ecosystem grows, the amount of information and the number of initiative increases, making it challenging for community members to stay informed and connected. ArbitrumHub simplifies this by gathering all essential information and resources in one place. Unlike forums, which are often used for general discussions, ArbitrumHub provides structured and reliable information.

Uses of ArbitrumHub include:

  • Real-Time Updates: Provides the latest news and developments within the Arbitrum ecosystem, ensuring that all community members are up to date.
  • Community Interaction Updates: Updates the entire community about all kinds of upcoming meets and interactions, so members don’t miss out on anything.
  • Event Coordination: Details upcoming events, workshops, making it easy for users to find and participate in community activities.
  • Support and Resources: Offers a hub for details on all initiatives in ArbitrumDAO, as well as a support system for community members seeking assistance with platform-related queries.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Utilizes targeted marketing strategies like social media and newsletters to increase engagement and bring more visibility to community initiatives.
  • Comprehensive Resource Integration: Aggregates resources such as developer tools, grant information, incentive programs, and other initiatives to support various community segments effectively.

Key Features of ArbitrumHub and New Ideas

  • Structured Flow of Information: Organizes content logically to ensure users can easily follow and understand updates and information.
  • Introduction of New Pages: Adds new sections to the hub, such as event calendars, subchain overviews, on-chain activities, to cater to diverse interests within the community.
  • Comprehensive Listings and Explanations: Describes every feature, tool, and resource available on the platform thoroughly to ensure users can make the most of the hub.
  • Streamlining Information: Pulls data from various sources into a unified format, making it more accessible and easier to navigate.
  • MultiSig Tracking: Includes features to track and report on every transaction and expenditure from the treasury, promoting financial transparency.
  • Collaboration with Workgroups: Provides dedicated spaces for different community groups to collaborate, share resources, and work together on projects.
  • Regular Updates: The hub will be continuously updated to reflect the latest developments and changes within the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Invite-Only CMS: Access to manage and publish content will be controlled through an invite-only content management system, ensuring quality and security.
  • Dedicated Event Pages: Facilitates building comprehensive event pages for all events to explain all the details and how to be a part of it.
  • Meeting and Discussion: The ArbitrumHub team will continuously be in touch with all stakeholders to ensure the hub can provide access to all information to everyone, including outsiders, to streamline understanding of ArbitrumDAO.

Recent Successes and Ongoing Initiatives

ArbitrumHub is currently being used by the foundation to detail different grant programs and incentives. It is in the process of becoming a central hub for all related activities, gathering feedback from users to enhance functionality. The platform also has a dedicated Twitter profile and has received endorsements from several prominent community members.

Why Support for Expansion Is Needed?

Keeping ArbitrumHub up and running is a big task that requires a lot of resources. Our operations are growing, and we need ongoing funding to keep everything moving smoothly. Supporting our expansion is crucial for the DAO because it helps make the understanding of ArbitrumDAO even better and more useful. We’ve put a lot of work and research into building ArbitrumHub from the ground up. Now, as we keep improving and evolving based on what our community tells us, DAO support can make a huge difference in keeping this essential resource strong and effective.

We would like to engage in a comprehensive discussion with the entire community to gather your feedback and suggestions. Your insights are invaluable as we aim to enhance and expand ArbitrumHub and propose a final proposal to DAO. Please share your thoughts and feel free to drop any suggestions to improve this proposal.

Thank You


Great work - many functional sections


Sharing some of the feedbacks that we received from independent community members:

  1. https://x.com/B_enso_n/status/1789051197594165388
  2. https://x.com/NftStoner4life/status/1789277947116822546

Thank you

I personally love Arbitrum HUB, atm I honestly think it’s an amazing resource and needs to be promoted/popularized more.BoldPanther is great builder and has taken feedback from the community numerous times, it’s just cool to see that Arbitrum DAO has this to begin with!

For the near future I think it would be cool if we had a " Arbitrum Creatives" section or smth like that :smiley:

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Thank you, @ZER8 and @cp0x, for your kind words, feedback, and suggestions. We are committed to establishing a community contributions and feedback pipeline to continuously iterate on various sections, enhancing the understanding of ArbitrumDAO and ensuring that it serves as the ultimate hub for all things related to ArbitrumDAO.

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@0x_Buidler , great work with the ArbitrumHub! I discovered it when you reached out to feature our work with the Arbitrum Ventures work group and immediately found it immensely useful.

Adding a possibly niche perspective as a neurodivergent and dyslexic person - having things presented it a more visual user interface as an entry point can make a lot of difference. I love discourse for many reasons, but having a lighter entry point with useful information architecture to drive into it is great. Furthermore not sure if you’ve put any deliberate consideration into accessibility, but tools like Speachify work smoothly so far, which is not always the case.

One point of consideration - having a central hub with more limited access CMS creates a point of centralisation for getting access to attention. I’d be keen to see someone from the Foundation involved in how that this gets governed via transperant rules. Have you guys made any such consideration or plan yet?

Mentioned the hub to @aminiman and @Caesar who are involved with some ecosystem mapping work, which looks like should be connected to what you are doing.


Thank you, @lino, for your feedback and the insightful question.

Arbitrumhub is being developed with a commitment to 100% transparency, both in terms of code and content. The entire platform is open-source on GitHub, inviting anyone to contribute or showcase content while adhering to the rules and guidelines we’ve established to prevent any fraudulent activities.

Our invite-only CMS (under-dev) is designed to offer a user-friendly interface to content creators who may not be familiar with GitHub or Markdown. Through this CMS, creators can easily push content on the platform, with all activities and updates remaining 100% transparent on GitHub.

GitHub Repository Link: https://github.com/ArbitrumHub/ArbitrumDAO_Hub

There are no backdoors on this platform. As reviewers, builders, and maintainers, we continuously iterate based on community feedback to establish rules, enhance features, ensure security and uptime, and update official content or event details as needed. This process is entirely transparent, encouraging active participation.

I trust this addresses your concerns. Thank you.

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The vision for the Hub extends beyond its initial phase. While it will undoubtedly benefit our core Arbitrum community, we see it evolving into a much broader platform. This horizontal growth will create an inclusive environment for a diverse range of contributors – not just developers – to actively participate in the Arbitrum ecosystem. Transparency and strong governance will remain central to this platform, ensuring its long-term success.

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thank you @AlaniKuye for your valuable feedback.

Hi @0x_Buidler First off, I appreciate your effort in trying to create a single point of access to Arbitrum DAO resources. I think it’s a good start. I have a couple of questions:

  • Who is updating/maintaining the hub?

  • What is their process for getting the necessary information and context?

  • Did you use AI to generate the writing and marketing copy? For example this subheading on the home page, “Welcome to Arbitrum DAO Your Gateway to Decentralized Excellence, Where Community Shapes Tomorrow’s Innovations” sounds like it was generated by ChatGPT. There’s nothing wrong with using ChatGPT as a writing assistant but if its output is not refined then it often sounds too “on the nose” and contrived.

I invite you to join the Content/Education Fellowship and see how you can contribute to the group’s efforts. If you’re interested, you can send a Telegram message to @ArbitrumDAOOnboarding. I also encourage you to check out this Notion.

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Thank you for the constructive feedback, @RikaGoldberg. To address your points:

  1. We are a fully-fledged team consisting of designers, developers, researchers, and content creators who have built and maintained this hub from the ground up for the past few months.

  2. We have a thorough research process to dive deep into forums, find relevant information, and develop solutions. We are in regular contact with AF members, including @raam and others, who provide feedback on our information. We are also collaborating with multiple work-groups and grant program managers to keep our information up to date and in check.

For your reference, the Arbitrum Foundation is utilizing ArbitrumHub in some components, such as GrantHub, to brief different grant programs: Arbitrum Foundation Grant Programs.

  1. ChatGPT is not utilized in building or maintaining our platform. It’s just not feasible to create and keep such a vast platform up to date solely with ChatGPT or any similar tool. We sometimes use AI for assistance, but building and maintaining this platform requires a strategic approach and resources across various perspectives:
    • UI/UX
    • Research
    • Design
    • Content Creation
    • Uptime and Maintenance
    • Development
    • Collaboration with multiple stakeholders to gather information
    • Management & brainstorming

ArbitrumHub is exclusive to ArbitrumDAO, consisting of extensive resources and information with proper branding that holds the power to represent ArbitrumDAO as a whole. We are 100% dedicated to advancing & maintaining this platform more and plan to propose it to the DAO pretty soon to seek relevant support.

We are always open to integrating any resources other teams in the DAO are developing into ArbitrumHub and are eager to collaborate with anyone.

Recently, we updated the incentive programs details here: ArbitrumHub Incentive Programs. For more details, explore: ArbitrumHub.

Follow us on Twitter: @ArbitrumDAO_Hub.

Thank you!

Here is an overview to get started with ArbitrumHub, a 100% transparent platform designed to make it easier for everyone to navigate ArbitrumDAO. Currently, DAOs often lack streamlined information access for general users or outsiders, making it seem like DAOs are exclusive to participants. However, the fundamental principle of DAOs is inclusivity for everyone:

Good morning, Arbinauts!

We have successfully collaborated with Uni-Arb, Questbook, and the Foundation team over the past few weeks to ensure we have up-to-date details about accepted projects and grant programs. We now have 100% of the data for Questbook, Uni-Arb, and the Foundation. Currently, we are working with the Thrive team to ensure the grant data for the Thrive program is also 100% complete on ArbitrumHub.

Here you can find the details about different programs: Grant Hub

Here you can find the details about accepted projects in a singular table format: Grant Projects

Thank you