Walid- Security Council Candidate

Walid - Security Council candidate

Hi everyone!
I am Walid

and I am excited to present my application for the Security Council candidate spot.

About me:

I am a self-taught developer with a strong interest in security and a background in electrical engineering, I began on a journey of self-learning shortly after my studies had finished 2 years ago, diving into the world of web3 and comp-sci, I have been actively building out ideas, learning of new bugs, which has led me to multiple findings in my first audit contest, as well as building my own cross-chain protocol for a hackathon.

I have huge interest in web3, and believe it truly has the power to change the way we transact entirely, and I believe Arbitrum will surely have a huge role to play in that future, given we play our cards right.

I currently freelance in web3, building out tools I think might be useful in the future, participating in hackathon’s, while also helping out friends wanting to get involved in tech and especially in web3

I’m currently under the mentorship of GMHacker from ImmuneFI, to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude.

Personal Background:

My background as I mentioned was engineering, but slightly before it had come to an end, I had already developed an interest in tech, and a much bigger interest in web3, knowing I had to learn a lot, I took it to step by step, that was 2+ years ago.

I had began with the basics of networking, slowly climbing my way to familiarity with the most novel exploits, just to get a basic footing on web3 security, which like many have said is not that much of necessity, but I figured if it’s interesting, then no time lost.

I gained familiarity with common smart contract security risks in no time after, slowly beginning to get a feel for the tech, and moving on to more uncommon/rare exploits, and began developing a keen interest in the EVM.

Security Council Criteria

  • Availability: -
    I am available entirely to the security council, and would not shy away from responsibility, given an issue, my experience with customer support supervision would ideally come in handy

  • Teamwork:
    I am a firm believer in the saying “team work makes the dream work” having experienced it firsthand, I truly believe working as a team, is the most effective way to tackling not only issues in security’s, but any that we may face

  • Secure Operations:
    I understand the importance of continually improving my security knowledge. I am motivated to stay current with the latest developments in web3 and security, not only within the field but also in related technologies beyond web3

  • Transparency:
    Given it’s web3, I believe that being transparent is a must, and would abide accordingly, disclosing any issues or outcomes we may come to face

Blockchain Security:

  • Proficiency with solidity and relevant tools/frameworks, as well as a constant hunger for more, which is why I have began digging on to the EVM and Huff
  • Familiarity with explorers, and knowledge of analyzing/debugging transactions
  • Familiarity with safe, it is one of my favorite protocols out there, I am even building out some tools on top of their most recent protocol Safe{core}
  • Familiarity with foundry, utilizing cast and chisel, I can make sure that none of the malicious transactions find their way onto the multi-sig, though I hope that never arises.


Given it is a security council, I consider myself lucky to be applying as a candidate, as I had considered myself a security-oriented dev, I believe my skills will come come onto full fruition as a council member. and very excited to be applying and considered, I look forward to questions, feedback or conversations regarding my application or anything for that matter.

Please do reach out on Discord:owl01

Huge thanks to GMhacker for the mentorship

And also, to Haroon, for paving the way with a well-structured application. Your example has helped guide me in presenting my qualifications effectively, Thank you!

and finally, The ArbitrumDAO, and Arbitrum foundation for the opportunity

Link to vote: Owl | Arbitrum Security Council Candidate

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