Welcome to the Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1⛄

Hello, Arbitrum community I’m very excited to share details around the ongoing Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 - a grant program designed to reward the individuals that helped build the DAO :blue_heart:. This is part of AIP-3 Milestone 1, you can check out the proposal here.

TL;DR The goal of this program is to distribute 100k $ARB to Arbinauts and citizens that have proactively worked and truly impacted the Arbitrum DAO since its launch(without being rewarded for their contributions). This is an onchain grant program that uses Gitcoins protocols on Arbitrum One.

The Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 :blue_heart: :snowman_with_snow: aims to reward proactive work that helped kickstart the DAO and/or contributed directly to Arbitrums strategic priorities. For example, contributions in the areas of governance, data-driven decision making , operations, data analysis, education, support and community building around the DAO.

The Arbitrum community will donate and decide how the 100k $ARB will be distributed to the individuals via QF(a vote is actually a donation). The benefits of using QF is that we will have signals of which contributions were perceived more valuable by the overall community + the donations raised.

We believe this is a great chance to show the web3 ecosystem how a DAO can support its early contributors in a plural and fully transparent way so let’s spread the love:blue_heart:

This round was designed to reward those individuals that haven’t been compensated for the work done and are not employed/contracted by the Arbitrum DAO or other entities, if you know someone that contributed to the DAO please let them know

The grant program is onchain and uses QF to allocate the 100k ARB, that means that the Arbitrum community will vote(only $ARB holders votes are eligible) how the 100k gets distributed to the individuals => the more votes(donations) a individual receives => the more matching funds they receive. Max 5 % / individual. Only donations over 1$ will be considered.

Important information for those that want to apply :blue_heart: :rocket:

  • Application period: 30 October - 25 November

  • Donation period: 15 November - 29 November

The application process is described below:

STEP :one:: You need to create your grant application on Gitcoin Builder

  • Read how to create a grant there here
  • Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us on Telegram

STEP:two:: Apply here

  • You can read more about Grant Explorer is here!

STEP:three:: Promote your grant application to your community and the Arbitrum ecosystem. The more people know about the round ⇒ the more democratic the funding process is ⇒ the more donors you will have⇒ the more builders in the Arbitrum ecosystem get the funding they deserve!

Please read the📋 Eligibility Criteria:clipboard:before applying* and try to mention why the project is relevant for the Arbitrum ecosystem in the grant application description :slightly_smiling_face:

Your application needs to comply with the Gitcoins General Eligibility Criteria📋 and the round specific criteria.

Examples of eligible contributions:

  • I made this dune dashboard
  • I shared this decision guide
  • I contributed here and that resulted in x,y,z
  • I helped with this proposal and moved it forward(STIP, Treasury, etc)
  • I hosted numerous governance calls
  • I onboarded 10 people to the DAO that did x,y z
  • I supported over 100 people in Discord
  • I’ve made numerous videos about Arbitrum DAO to keep people in the loop
  • etc

Examples of ineligible contributions:

  • I commented on x,y,z proposals, but have not influenced the results
  • Tweeting about Arbitrum with low impact
  • I contributed to the DAO, but I was paid for my efforts by the DAO or a third party
  • I voted on proposals

You can learn more about the program in our Notion page

We reserve the right to remove certain applicants from the round if their contributions to the DAO have been already rewarded, if the contributions are not beneficial for the DAO or if the contributions were done on behalf of a another organization which they represent!

Please join on telegram group for more details and if you know an Arbinaut that might be eligible pls tag him here


I am excited to see this race between the hyper engaged community members!


great oppertunity to showcase contributor work in the DAO

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