The Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 Results & Recap⛄ 💙

Hey Arbinauts & Citizens, I’m very excited to share the Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 results! :blue_heart: :rocket:

TL;DR This is the third QF round in the Arbitrum ecosystem and is part of the Arbitrum on Gitcoin Winter programs which involved three separate efforts:

-The Arbitrum Citizens Round 1 :people_hugging:
-The 300k Matching Fest :moneybag:
-The Allo on Arbitrum hackathon :computer:

Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 :blue_heart: :robot: :snowman_with_snow:

01 November - 29 November


The goal of this program was to distribute 100k $ARB to best Arbinauts and citizens that have proactively worked and truly impacted the Arbitrum DAO since its launch. We aimed to reward work that helped kickstart the DAO and/or contributed directly to Arbitrums strategic priorities.

For example, contributions in the areas of governance, data-driven decision making , operations, data analysis, education, support and community building around the DAO.
*This round was created for those individuals that haven’t been compensated for the work done and are not employed/contracted by the Arbitrum DAO.


The grant program was onchain and used QF to allocate the 100k ARB, that means that the Arbitrum community will vote(only $ARB holders votes over/equal 1$ were eligible) how the funding was distributed to the Citizens=> the more votes(donations) a individual received => the more matching funds they received.

We had a max 5 % matching cap / individual.

If you remember the Arbitrum Domain Round and the Grant Funding Fest you already know we are striving to create a series of the most democratic, community driven and plural grant funding programs in web3!

The program had two phases:

The Grant Application Phase(it was open until the end of the round): The Citizens could apply with their projects and if eligible approved into the program.

The Donation Phase: Arbinauts & donors decided how much money from the matching pool will be allocated to each Citizen, allowing for a more personalized and flexible distribution of funds based on the collective intelligence of the Arbitrum community.


Through a comprehensive analysis, a total of 491 Sybils were identified as active participants in the round, accounting for 17.25% of voters. These Sybils accounted for 10.26% of the total votes cast during the round, indicating their notable presence in the voting process. The sybil voted are equally distributed confirming that the participants were not involved in these attacks. The high number of sybil participation is directly related to the fact that the Citizens round ran during Gitcoin’s #GG19.


Sybils are present across all projects in the round, and our attention is particularly drawn to the top 5 projects:

  1. ArbitrumDAO delegates:
  • Non-Sybil: 1136
  • Sybil: 88
  1. Voting Power:
  • Non-Sybil: 438
  • Sybil: 55
  1. DeFi Teddy - Founder of Biteye:
  • Non-Sybil: 290
  • Sybil: 45
  1. Nathan VDH:
  • Non-Sybil: 192
  • Sybil: 41
  1. InBest Program:
  • Non-Sybil: 375
  • Sybil: 40


The sybil analysis is a crucial element in web3. If we wouldn’t have filtered the results for sybils and sybil patterns this Sybil inflow may have an effect on how well the quadratic funding mechanism works and how fairly f

unds are distributed. These results highlight how crucial it is to deal with Sybil-related issues in order to guarantee funding equity and integrity in subsequent rounds.

The final matching amounts that will be paid out are shown here


  • We were extremely pleasantly surprised that the Arbitrum community supported the Citizens and Arbinauts with over 12,000$ in donations :exploding_head:
  • Over 2800 unique donors voted multiple times resulting in over 7000 total contributions :fire:
  • Over 1100 unique eligible holders( donations over/equal to 1$ and held $ARB by 11.01.2023) voted multiple times resulting in over 2200 eligible contributions :four_leaf_clover:

Some key statistics that further illustrate the success of the Citizens Grant program:

  • The Arbitrum community showed strong support for the Citizens round, receiving 48 applications and having 25 eligible Citizens participate
  • ~30% of the applicants were proactive in promoting their grant application


  • This participation highlights the community’s strong desire to support various people and initiatives within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

  • Extremely valuable technical contributions need to be more promoted within the Arbitrum ecosystem

  • The high number of votes for the Citizens Round demonstrated that they are open and eager to support new types of projects/people.

  • The results underscored the importance of tailored outreach and engagement strategies for different types of projects and communities within the Arbitrum ecosystem.


first to say that it is a good initiative to have retrofunding rounds
can you share more details about this process, how did you chose 25 eligible Citizens from 48 applications?


Hey hey, it’s all out in the open we strived for transparency wrt to the selection process. My personal goal was to make the program 99% credible neutral. You can see the eligibility criteria for this round here: Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 Eligibility - Google Docs

We may also open up the review process next time to make it 100% transparent :slight_smile:


First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the report above. It summarizes the details in a clear and concise way.

From my personal perspective, I think the origins are quite clear, systematic, and orderly in terms of both the process and the verification. I would like to keep this the same.

As for what needs to be considered for improvement, I don’t think there is anything at the moment. Let’s just have some supplementary ideas. In the case that we can plan the campaign in advance, especially in terms of promotion, in order to help more people participate.

Anyway, thank you very much.

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Thank you so much Z for the detailed report, I’m grateful to Arbitrum for contributing largely to the development of the ecosystem by rewarding Public Good actors and Citizens dedicated to building Arbitrum.

I have a question regarding running a Gitcoin round in the matching funds’ criteria, I’d like to know what the process and guidelines are, I’d like to have a round in March following our Q1 2024 goals.

I’m already applying for the process, just wanted to know if there were any best practices I should be aware of.

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