#9 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (20.12.2023)


I’d like to remind all delegates that the ninth (and last for 2023!) Open Governance Call is taking place this coming Wednesday on 20th of December . Please mark your calendars (or you can subscribe to the public Arbitrum Governance calendar and always be up to date with our calls)

We’ll keep the agenda a bit flexible as before and will adapt to whatever is brought forward by the participants, but some proposed topics are:

  1. Foundation Updates
  2. Support to Establish GrantsDAO @by @Arbitrum
  3. L2BEAT Stages Requirements Update & Security Council Improvement Suggestions by Luca Donnoh
  4. Liquidity Incentives Working Group update by @Tnorm
  5. STIP V2 update by @Matt_StableLab
  6. Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program by @thedevanshmehta
  7. AIP-3 Update (PluralityLabs Grants Framework) by @DisruptionJoe
  8. Experimental Incentive System Update by @Cattin
  9. Research and Development Collective Update by @ImmutableLawyer
  10. DAO Conduct Issues
  11. Open Discussion

If you have something you’d like to bring up during the meeting, please post it in the replies below so we can plan accordingly and update the aforementioned agenda.

The call will take place again on Google Meet: meet.google.com/ouo-uskg-niq 20 on Wednesday, 20.12.2023 at 5pm UTC/ 12pm EST (same as last time).

We will record the call and publish it later on for a public review, so please keep that in mind.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!


Look forward to attending this session, quite a line up for today’s call !

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Having some internet issues today, so I’m looking forward to catching up by recording. Have a great call!


Will post the call tomorrow for everyone!


For anyone who couldn’t make it to the call, below you can find:

The recording - #9 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2023-12-20) - Recording
The chat log - #9 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2023-12-20) - Chat Log
The call’s transcript (auto generated) - #9 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2023-12-20) - Transcript

Next call will happen on 17th of January 2024 (might be at an earlier time, more on that tbd early Jan)

Enjoy your holidays everyone!