AIP: Activate Stylus and Enable Next-Gen WebAssembly Smart Contracts (ArbOS 30)

Voting “For”

Activating Stylus broadens developer access and enhances smart contract efficiency while maintaining EVM interoperability.

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I voted FOR this proposal on Snapshot. Stylus makes Arbitrum accessible to a new, huge community of developers while ALSO improving performance. Stylus is one of the most exciting recent innovations in crypto.

Voting For

Stylus is an incredibly exciting development for Arbitrum, can’t wait to see more developers adopting it.

On behalf of the UADP:

Stylus is an incredible improvement and allows devs from different ecosystems get more involved with the DAO. This is truly one of the most exciting recent innovations in the DAO and we’re excited to see what comes out of this. An important focus now will be marketing and onboarding new projects, of which we’re interested in what’s been done?

Voted FOR. Improving the DevEx by providing more tools and languages options will help to expand the dev pool interested and capable of building on Arbitrum.

Voting for Stylus will enable the next step in Arbitrum’s development. I can’t wait to see what will be built with this technology!

Voted “for”…
This upgrade reduces costs, enhances security, and expands developer accessibility, making Arbitrum more inclusive and competitive. Stylus retains full interoperability with existing EVM contracts, fostering innovation without disrupting current operations.

Enabling Stylus and other WebAssembly smart contracts like Rust to operate alongside the EVM will increase developer engagement and allow for a broader range of protocols, thus significantly expanding our audience.

I decided to vote FOR this proposal.

Stylus is becoming an important framework to bring new developers from the traditional world into this ecosystem. Therefore, in my understanding, it aligns with the future of Arbitrum and benefits everyone.

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Stylus significantly improves Arbitrum by supporting Rust, C, and C++, expanding the developer community, enhancing performance, reducing costs, and improving security, all while maintaining EVM compatibility. This fosters innovation without disruption, ensuring Arbitrum’s success. So we will vote FOR this proposal.

Blockworks Research will be voting FOR this proposal on Snapshot.

This is a no-brainer for us. We’re particularly excited about increasing accessibility for new developers, which is crucial for growing the already vast ecosystem and ultimately attracting new users.

The following reflects the views of L2BEAT’s governance team, composed of @krst and @Sinkas, and it’s based on the combined research, fact-checking, and ideation of the two.

We’re voting FOR this proposal.

Stylus is a long-awaited upgrade which, when activated on Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova, will open the gates to non-solidity developers and enable them to write smart contracts in other, more efficient languages. We appreciate the EVM+ approach and hope to see more initiatives in the future have a similar approach.


In favor of this as previously stated.

Can’t wait to see Stylus live!

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We vote FOR the proposal on its Snapshot.

Stylus is an ambitious, yet rational innovation that Offchain Labs has developed to make Arbitrum even more attractive to Rust and C++ developers. We’d hope that the technology will be integrated into other L2 chains so that the smart contract composability will remain as we have on the EVM platforms.

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The Princeton Blockchain Club is voting FOR activating Stylus!

As mentioned before, we at PBC are very excited to see the EVM+ approach come to life! Allowing folks to use a whole new execution environment while also being compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine is a game changer. Already seeing some awesome designs that make use of all the performance improvements / cost-savings that Stylus gets us.

Michigan Blockchain favors this proposal because of the benefit this provides to developers, who have the option to continue using standard Solidity smart contracts or switching to Rust, which is operationally more efficient. Stylus will massively increase the amount of developers that can develop on the Arbitrum chain, and this benefit can be passed down to the user and the whole ecosystem overall.

DAOplomats voted in favor on Snapshot.

Opening the doors to developers building with other programming languages is a good initiative. We also like the fact that the stylus and EVM contracts are interoperable; that will come in really handy. Great work!

Additional feedback here.

We voted for this proposal, Stylus definitely opens doors for more developers by supporting more languages, boosting efficiency and cutting costs. Understanding next steps for the community to jump into Stylus as a whole plan will expand Arbitrum’s builders community.

Adding link to the reasoning and some feedback here: