Arbitrum Adventure Achievement Report

Arbitrum Adventure

Below is a report of Layer3’s Arbitrum Adventure campaign, a collection of quests sponsored by the Arbitrum Questbook Grant program in the Education, Community Growth, and Events category. Through this campaign, in one month, Layer3 prompted 12,394 users to generate 56,007 transactions across 13 different applications on the Arbitrum One Network. In this report, we will delve into the intricacies of our project implementation and the tangible results that have been achieved.


Layer3 created 13 quests for the Arbitrum Adventure campaign. The dApps and onchain actions were as follows:

Quest # Quest Completions Description
1 Treasure 6,780 Mint your Treasure Tag
2 Stargate 4,245 Add Liquidity on Stargate
3 Trader Joe 3,477 Swap on Trader Joe
4 Frax 3,737 Swap to FRAX
5 Shell 2,955 Trade on Shell
6 Orderly 2,746 Deposit on WOOFi Pro
7 Camelot 2,217 Swap or LP on Camelot
8 Timeswap 1,987 Lend or Borrow on Timeswap
9 Vertex 1,798 Deposit on Vertex
10 Savvy 1,158 Deposit in a Strategy
11 Rysk Finance 1,201 Trade or Deposit on Rysk
12 Umami Finance 1,015 Deposit on Umami
13 Gamma (Removed) 589 Provide Liquidity on Gamma
Total 33,905 Quest Completions

Through these quests, Layer3 brought increased user engagement, greater discovery, and quality education for each of the dapps included in the program.


Layer3 conducted an in depth marketing campaign around Arbitrum Adventure.

Blog Post

Layer3 released the “Onchain Alpha: Arbitrum” Blog Post in correspondence with the Arbitrum Adventure campaign on January 11, 2024. The blog post was surfaced to over 21k subscribers on Mirror, 5.5k subscribers on Paragraph, and sent to Layer3’s 32k email subscribers via our newsletter.

Posts on X

Campaign Thread - 4.1k impressions
Stargate - 20k impressions
Camelot - 7.2k impressions
Savvy - 7.2k impressions
Umami - 14k impressions
Rysk - 12k impressions
Trader Joe - 14k impressions
Timeswap - 12k impressions
Vertex - 10k impressions
Shell Finance - 21k impressions
Gamma - 14k impressions
Treasure - 19k impressions
Frax - 12k impressions


Each of the quests were announced in Layer3’s Discord Channel with 160,000+ members


Layer3’s reach goes beyond the 33,905 quest completions. Our onchain impact can be measured using our Arbitrum Adventure Dune Analytics Dashboard to see how many times Layer3 users go on to interact with the specified dapps beyond the initial quest completion.

The Campaign ran from December 27, 2023 to January 27, 2024 and the users that participated in quest completions combined to account for over 56,000 completions in the time period.

These transactions were completed by 12,394 unique users, 2,287 had never interacted with a single one of the contracts specified in the campaign.

When the transaction counts on the contracts of the month prior to the campaign is contrasted to the month of the campaign, you can see a marked increase at the start of the campaign.