Arbitrum LATAM Report — March 2024

Arbitrum LATAM Report — March 2024

End of Stage 1

During this first stage of the Arbitrum LATAM project, the teams have successfully achieved all the objectives outlined in their proposal for the Arbitrum grants within the ‘Education, Community Growth & Events’ domain—and even surpassed some of them.

As mentioned on previous reports, the Arbitrum LATAM project seeks to enhance the protocol’s accessibility and educate Latin American communities about the opportunities and potential of Arbitrum.

During this initial three-month phase, the teams concentrated on building a community from the ground up, now boasting over 500 members, and launched a Spanish portal featuring over 50 educational resources, including articles, newsletters, podcasts, educational videos, and tutorials. We also initiated university outreach by conducting an introductory class on web3 and Arbitrum for students at ITBA, thereby reaching a new audiences from the widely untapped latinamerican academic world.

Additionally, collaboration ties have been established with the Arbitrum Foundation to maximize the project’s impact. This collaboration involves sharing resources, expertise, and strategic insights to drive mutual success and innovation. By leveraging the Foundation’s expertise and network, the Arbitrum LATAM project aims to accelerate the adoption of Arbitrum technology and drive positive change in the Latin American blockchain community.

In essence, we have established a robust foundation to foster a meaningful connection with Latin American users and expand the protocol’s user base.

What are the teams up to now?

The teams are working to forge stronger connections with potential audiences by offering both in-person and virtual university classes, fostering deeper engagement with established LATAM communities, and organizing in-person events. Intermediate-level content will be produced to support community advancements and deepen its knowledge. Leveraging all available resources, we will implement a comprehensive growth strategy across all platforms and establish a Telegram group for direct engagement with new users seeking information or guidance on the protocol and ecosystem contributions. Furthermore, the ecosystem’s various projects will be spotlighted across Arbitrum LATAM’s communication channels to elevate established initiatives and encourage new ones.

For a detailed weekly overview of the project’s progress over the past months, please refer to the teams’ worksheet.

New Content & Updates

Arbitrum LATAM Website

The Arbitrum LATAM website has experienced substantial activity during its first month online, garnering over 450+ unique visitors (and around 1.4k page views) with users from across the globe accessing its content. Argentina, Peru, and Colombia take the lead, trailed by Mexico, Venezuela, and Spain.

In March, the website underwent updates with newly generated content. Various visual elements of the site were also refined and enhanced, including the addition of 31 new banners for the site’s content.

Educative Articles

You can check all the educative articles here.

Weekly Informative Articles

You can check all educative articles here.


The third newsletter has been posted and shared with the community, once again featuring a diverse array of news from Arbitrum and around the world.

You can check all newsletters here.

Video Guides & Tutorials

You can check all educative videos and tutorials here and here.

Podcast Series

You can check all podcast episodes here.

University Class

The teams conducted a class at one of the most important bussiness and technology universities in Buenos Aires, ITBA, with an attendance of 25 students. With an age range of 20-25, business and engineering students took part in this introduction to the web3 world, DAOs, and scalability. The project’s teams provided clear and concise examples of the Arbitrum protocol’s features and explained in detail the optimistic rollups. The Arbitrum forum, official documentation, and the Arbitrum LATAM website were shared to all interested participants.

Due to a national public transportation strike on the same day, the class was conducted virtually. The session lasted for two hours and can be accessed here.

Our university outreach program seeks to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing students with practical knowledge and real-world applications of blockchain technology. By engaging with educational institutions, the Arbitrum LATAM project aims to bolster collaboration, research, and innovation in the ecosystem.

Present and Future

The first stage of the Arbitrum LATAM project has been a success, laying a strong foundation for fostering community engagement, education, and growth within the Latin American blockchain ecosystem. With over 500 community members, a solid educational portal, and successful university outreach, the project has made significant strides in achieving its objectives.

Also, production remained robust as we concluded the third month, successfully meeting all expectations and achieving the set milestones within the designated timeframe. Once again, we surpassed our target for educational articles by delivering 5 articles over the past 4 weeks, exceeding the initial goal of 3.

So, what’s next for Arbitrum LATAM?

The project members are currently developing a new proposal that integrates the following objectives and strategies, aiming to fully capitalize on the project’s potential initiated in January:

  • Enhanced Audience Engagement: Our teams are actively working to forge stronger connections with potential audiences. This will be achieved through a combination of social-media engagement, in-person and virtual university classes, and collaboration with various web3 LATAM communities, thus allowing us to reach a diverse range of learners and enthusiasts.
  • University Calendar 2024: Our teams are also working on developing a comprehensive calendar of classes for 2024. This calendar will focus on organizing presentations at some of the most prestigious universities in Argentina. Moreover, we aim to expand our outreach to universities in Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela to engage with a broader audience.
    • We have already secured participation in four of Argentina’s most prestigious universities for upcoming events and presentations in 2024. This achievement further strengthens our engagement and outreach within the academic community.
  • Deepening LATAM Community Engagement: We are committed to fostering deeper engagement with established LATAM web3 communities. By organizing specialized events and initiatives, we aim to create meaningful interactions and collaborations within the community.
  • In-Person Events: As part of our comprehensive growth strategy, we will be organizing in-person events to facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. These events will serve as platforms for community building and fostering connections.
    • Teams are already discussing with the Arbitrum Foundation regarding the creation of new events in Buenos Aires.
  • Content Development: Intermediate-level content is in the pipeline to support community education. This new material will offer fresh perspectives and insights, catering to both newcomers and experienced users of the Arbitrum protocol.
    • Development of new ‘intermediate’ educative articles, videos and podcasts is underway.
  • Platform Expansion and Telegram Engagement: Leveraging all available resources, we will implement a growth strategy across all platforms. Additionally, a dedicated Telegram group will be established to provide direct engagement and support for new users seeking information or guidance.
  • Highlighting Ecosystem Projects: The various projects within the ecosystem will be spotlighted across Arbitrum LATAM’s communication channels. This will serve to elevate established initiatives, as well as encourage the development and recognition of new ones.

hello @Sebix. In name of Space4Build (previously Ethereum Latam Day) congrats to all team engaged with this project. Your content has been a reference for our activities. Good vibes to the second edition and if its possible to colaborate will be a great pleasure to our community be part.

Reading the next steps we are alligned to the major objetives and we believe that collaboration is the key to have a better and healty ecosystem =)