Arbitrum Domain Round Launched on Gitcoin Grants!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the Arbitrum Domain Round on Gitcoin Grants!!

  • $100k DAI allocated to 4(+1) future funding pools
  • Future funding pools will include $100k DAI plus direct donations
  • Future funding pools correspond to Questbook domains
  • Future funding pools will source grants which could “graduate” to Questbook
  • Future funding pools likely to run in September on Artbitrum!
  • Visit & vote at the Arbitrum Domain Round homepage

Meta-Round Decentralized Domain Allocation

This round is a unique experiment. Unique because the “grants”’ in the Domain Round represent the future matching pools of the next funding round. This means that the Arbitrum community will decide how to allocate the funding pool between the four (+1) domains selected by the Questbook grant program (4) or signal interest to another TBD domain (+1).

Votes are calculated by looking at direct donations of DAI using the Gitcoin user interface. The additional direct donations will also be included in the future funding pools. This means that $100k of Arbitrum community funds will provide more than $100k in builder support!

:bulb: We will also gather great data around who is a true supporter of these domains.

AIP-3 Gitcoin Partnership

The Arbitrum Domain Round is the first Arbitrum initiative launched in partnership with Gitcoin. This move combines the size and power of the Arbitrum Community with the ethos of Gitcoin and the magic of quadratic funding. AIP-3 officially passed on Monday evening on 8/14. Gitoin will complete the deployment of the Allo protocol on Arbitrum and integration to their Grantstack UI in early September. This quick commitment to the partnership will enable us to run the Future Funding Pools on Arbitrum!

As a reminder, the Gitcoin partnership has a few components that kicked-off with the recent passing of AIP-3. Gitcoin has committed to prioritizing the deployment and integration work needed, collaborating on hackathons & supporting builders, and marketing support. Arbitrum has earmarked 300k $ARB to future funding pools which choose to run on Arbitrum. Plurality Labs is excited to lead the charge!

About the domains

1.Gaming: This will help Arbitrum encourage more developers to create innovative gaming experiences and thus onboard new users to its ecosystem

2.Developer tooling on Nova: This will help Arbitrum build essential infrastructure, tooling for Arbitrum Nova

3.New protocol idea: This will encourage more contributors to propose and run experiments for improving the Arbitrum protocol

4.Education, community growth & events:This will help Arbitrum attract quality builders through community growth activities such as education courses, bootcamps, hackathons and sponsoring events

5.Open pool: choose this round if the prior four rounds don’t speak to you!

Plurality & Coordination

The rounds listed above were approved by Arbitrum voters in the ratification of Delegated Domain Allocation by Questbook proposal. This grant process builds on that proposal by measuring the relative community support for each domain, and adds a fifth category which includes “everything else not covered”.

At a governance call, Questbook was asked “What could be the one thing that could cause this program to be unsuccessful?” It was a tough question. Their answer was the difficulty in sourcing enough quality grants. This two phase round is designed to help mitigate this potential problem while also gaining insight into the preferences of the DAO.

Call To Action

Vote on Gitcoin

What should community members do? Go to the Arbitrum Domain Round homepage. Press “donate” to cast your vote for how you want the $100,000 DAI to be allocated across the five domains. Your donations are the votes and quadratic funding preferences of the many in agreement over individual large donations.

Note: anyone can participate in this round, but only wallets containing Arbitrum will be counted towards calculating the domain allocation.

Spread the Word

Tweet about the round and follow the ArbitrumGrants twitter account.


  • Only donations from wallets which held $ARB on 8/15/23 AND passed our sybil check are eligible to have their donations count as votes.
  • The direct donations and the $100k funding pot will be held in the PL-ARB Grants Safety Multisig after the round and until the payout of the future funding pools.
  • This round is on mainnet due to the timing of GG18. We felt the marketing push of running as a featured round alongside Gitcoin’s flagship program would be worth the gas cost.
  • After both phases are completed, we can perform an analysis of the gas cost and user experience on mainnet vs Arbitrum

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September will be arb builders month :muscle:


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Less than 24 hours after the funding from AIP-3 was send to the PL-ARB Grants Multisig Wallet and we have launched this $100k decentralized domain allocation model! LFG

For anyone following be sure to follow ArbitrumGrants on Twitter:

And don’t forget to go and donate/vote in the round to help decide which rounds get the biggest portion of the matching pool in the Future Funding Pools…


Current results with less than a week to go!


Hey Arbinauts! There’s only one day left to vote in the Arbitrum Domain Round! :robot:

…and we just skyrocketed above 1000 total contributions. Usually people procrastinate until the very last days of a round(like me :smiley: )before they start donating.


This is our chance to really influence! Go, go, go :blue_heart: