Arbitrum Hub: essential resources and guides about Arbitrum

Hi everyone! We’re happy to share our initial version of the Arbitrum Hub.

We created the Arbitrum Hub as a way to easily access and share all useful links, resources and guides about Arbitrum.

The Arbitrum Hub currently includes:

  • Arbitrum DAO Basics
  • Delegate 101
  • Calendars and Calls
  • Working Groups and Committees
  • Arbitrum Programs
  • Current Grants in Arbitrum
  • Newsletters and other channels for contributors stay up to date
  • Other useful resources authored by the community

Check out the Arbitrum Hub here

Our aim is for the Arbitrum Hub to be useful for both delegates and contributors. Please feel free to share key resources we might have missed and any further suggestions on improving the Arbitrum Hub.

Thank you! :blue_heart::orange_heart:

The Web3 Citizen Team


Hello, it’s a great portal.
I would appreciate if you would also add a management structure there

  • what committees are there
  • what they do
  • who rules them