Arbitrum Initiative Community Indonesia Update

Hello Arbinauts, We love to share experience in indonesia.

Arbitrum is one of the blockchain platforms that has recently gained popularity in Indonesia. The platform offers high-scale solutions and lower transaction costs compared to other blockchain platforms. Therefore, many blockchain communities in Indonesia are interested in participating in this platform.

In recent months, the blockchain community in Indonesia has taken the initiative to form communities to learn and promote the use of Arbitrum. They have conducted various activities such as webinars, online discussions, and meetups to share knowledge about the platform. Additionally, they often perform airdrops, which are giving tokens for free to community members as a form of appreciation and support.

The airdrops provided by the Indonesian community have successfully attracted many people to use the Arbitrum platform. With the free tokens provided, many people become interested in learning and trying to use this platform. Many of them then started to develop applications and smart contracts on the Arbitrum platform.

The Indonesian community not only provides free tokens to members but also provides guidance and support to develop applications and smart contracts. With this support, many community members have successfully developed interesting and useful applications and smart contracts.

Currently, the blockchain community in Indonesia that is active in the development and use of the Arbitrum platform continues to grow. They have the same vision to promote the use of blockchain and related technologies in Indonesia. It is hoped that more people will be interested in joining this community and utilizing the Arbitrum platform for the development of innovative and useful blockchain applications and solutions.


Great example of how blockchain decentralization empowers underserved communities. Power and wealth should not be determined by geography, ethnicity, etc.


It’s great to hear the community


Let’s go! Excited to see further Arbitrum development in Indonesia :slight_smile:


Great indonesia in asia …

im arbinauts from indonesia too