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Excellent and wonderful day
It has been a long time since I have been on the Arbitrum Forum and I am happy to be with you today with great news. I am CryptoReuMD, current champion of Nacion Bankless, a subDAO of BanklessDAO both communities independent from BanklessHQ, I have been working on creating funding rounds for communities with the funds that we have been gradually collecting and with the intention to help create a network effect and greater interest in the ecosystem, solving real problems and without extracting value.

At Bankless Nation, we have dedicated ourselves to teaching users how to build and create within our ecosystem. We have seen in Arbitrum a different opportunity with a lot of potential. That’s why 12 Latin American communities decided to create a basket of ARB tokens from their pocket, to give it to the developer community to build on Arbitrum.
Here we tell you about our experience.
Being the first time for many of the contributors, they did not know the process to build something on Gitcoin, so it was difficult for them to review the projects and even use the Gitcoin Builder as we had several incidents in which they could not log in due to errors in the main server. This later improved the situation.
Among other things, the outreach was overshadowed by the ETH Denver event, with few people in the space we actually felt a bit of silence on twitter.

This however, did not limit us from reaching the magnificent audience we had, many early adopters and people who had never used Arbitrum before, creating portfolios and printing their support by voting for the applications to be developed. This, without a doubt, is a fantastic experience.
Something we also liked a lot was the support of the participating communities, with open messages we were able to reach agreements to properly develop their proposals and that there was no misunderstanding that there was no code or support for their applications.

The development of the round:
During January, I spent the month of January talking to and inviting the communities of Ethereum Mexico, MxWeb3, CryptoConexión, Frutero Club, Karios Research, ETH Venezuela, WomenBiz, Open Web Academy, Cryptochicks, Manatial Blanco and Green Pill Mexico to help us raise funds to which they kindly said yes. Fortunately we allocated resources from the 1INCH x Arbitrum round, which allowed us to put a lot of effort and dedication into this round.
Between all of us, we raised 1800 ARB which we will distribute to the community at the end of the total transactions and we are very grateful for the 25% surplus that Arbitrum Foundation from the Arbitrum Matching Fest has given us to support our developers. We also raised 1800 dollars in donations, which left an economic benefit of 5 thousand dollars for Latin America. Gitcoin | Explorer
We received six proposals, of which we accepted five, three of which reached the match cap of the round.
We are in the process of funding and reviewing that the agreements are carried out, so we will be posting updates in the forum to know more about the progress of the projects.
We are very happy and grateful that this has worked out and we are looking forward to raising funds again for new rounds in different aspects. So if anyone wants to take a look at Latin America. We are here to help.
Special thanks to @ZER8 for the help and the conductions that he had and @AnaTech.eth for the community support.
You can find now here, the updates of the grantees.
Have a nice day


Hello all! :wave:

Tied to this, from Ethereum Costa Rica we successfully completed a 7-week solidity bootcamp of 33 woman with new background in tech.

Therefore I think for the support in Arbitrum and any future events we can do together to make this seed-bed of future talent part of the communities day-to-day!


Hola to @CryptoReuMD and to Arbitrum DAO,

I’m Humberto, leading the initiative. First of all, I want to thank to Nación Bankless, Ethereum Mexico, MxWeb3, CryptoConexión, Frutero Club, Karios Research, ETH Venezuela, WomenBiz, Open Web Academy, Cryptochicks, Manatial Blanco and Green Pill Mexico for accepting us in this round, and supporting us too with donations.

Thank you very much!


The team gathered last week to re-synch and clarify tasks:

  • Johan (Front end dev) will start learning about the documentation after Semana Santa holidays,
  • Irwing (Front end dev) will start by mid April, but Johan will update him with the gathered understanding of the documentation
  • Humberto (Researcher and initiative lead) has finished the research from the CoLab Fellowship (a RnDAO and Arbitrum DAO resarch program), and his article will be available from April 2nd onward.
  • Humberto will coordinate a zero-distance workshop where a financial company and the team will gather to create the attestation schemas that they need to have to trust a borrower, then these schemas will be taken to web3 lenders to see if they provide enough trust value.
  • Sofi (Urbanist and UI/UX designer) has been designing some interfaces (Figure 1, 2, 3, and 4) to test with the financial company, web3 lenders, and borrowers.
  • By the end of April, Humberto will make a call to action to participate in open calls regarding co-creating deCredit Score in a collective intelligence mode with other professionals and practitioners.

We need:

  • People knowledgable on credit scoring
  • People knowledgable on DIDs
  • People knowledgable on Aave’s delegated collateral

Although English is not a barrier, we prefer to co-create this with local talent from LatAm, not only because of the language, but because the cultural knowledge that is required to understand the intricacies of how micro credits operate in our region. So if you know anyone interested on the topic, please send them to our way!

We expect to post updates on this initiative in about two months.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4


Hello, Mel here from Tucán. Here’s the update after kicking-off the project:

We completed the deployment of the simplest version of the application, which includes account creation and a Privy-integrated application wallet. This initial version allows users to deposit and send Sepolia ETH from an externally owned account (EOA), laying the groundwork for future functionalities.

GitHub - fruteroclub/tucan: a playground to provide latam builders and creators a space for collaboration and innovation

Currently, we are focused on three key areas to improve the user experience and enrich the application:

Design and Identity: We are working on defining the visual identity and user interface of the application for a fresh experience for our users.

User Profile Creation: We are developing the functionality that will allow users to create and customize their profiles, which will facilitate interaction and a sense of belonging within the community.

Basic Check-in Functionality: We are implementing a basic check-in feature that will allow users to register their participation in events or activities, thus encouraging active participation in the community.

We are excited about the progress made so far and anticipate further advancements in the coming weeks.

Future Planning

For the next week, our main goal is to develop a basic application that allows users to:

Register: We will implement a simple and secure registration process so that new users can create accounts on our platform.

Create Their Profile: Users will be able to customize their profiles, which will include adding personal information and preferences related to the community.

Log Activities: We will develop functionality that allows users to log and share activities or events they participate in, thus fostering interaction and a sense of community.

This progress will be a crucial step toward creating an application that is not only functional but also promotes connection and growth within communities.


Ty @Humberto_BOH, @andyguz and @mel for your advances. Please feel free to use this thread to continue with the updates and community channel if you need something else.

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Great update. @Humberto_BOH how are you looking for talent? We can post your needs in the various Telegram community groups if it helps.

Thank you @mel - also great update.

Thank you @andyguz. Love that 33 women participated in the bootcamp. Would love to integrate them into other communities to help them continue in their journey, happy to connect with you.

Hola, thanks for all the beings that make this possible.

Rodrigo from MesoReefDAO x Nerdlabs proposal. we just raised $653.28 USD transfered us on our multisig on Mar 28, 2024.

This is the seed funding for creating our first prototype, this one will be implemented in 3 phases, the idea is to create a metaverse tool to enhance stakeholder engagement and decision-making within any DAO, using (MesoReefDAO DeSci focus) for now, to monitor and create certifications in the process of research actions (hypercerts or attestations) and measure impact.

Phase 1: Foundation and Framework (1-2 months)


  • Establish the technological and conceptual foundation of the metaverse tool.
  • Mint a PFP NFT experiment using frames and attestations/hypercerts.
  • Create a Gather Metaverse environment (MesoReefDAO Garden) to host immersive virtual experiences and updates for stakeholders.

Key Activities:

  • Conduct research on existing metaverse platforms and technologies.
  • Develop the basic structure and design of the metaverse tool, focusing on user engagement and interactivity.
  • Integrate hypercerts or attestations into the tool to certify research actions.
  • Design and create the MesoReefDAO Garden in Gather Metaverse for stakeholder interactions.


  • Minted PFPs with frames and attestations.
  • Fully functional MesoReefDAO Garden in Gather Metaverse.

Phase 2: Development and Testing


  • Test the tool with stakeholders to gather feedback and make improvements.

Key Activities:

  • Develop the user interface and backend functionality of the metaverse tool.
  • Implement features for monitoring research actions and issuing certifications.
  • Conduct testing with stakeholders to identify and address any issues or improvements needed.


  • Developed tool with monitoring and certification features.
  • User-tested and improved version of the tool based on feedback.

Phase 3: Integration, and Scaling


  • TBA

Key Activities:

  • TBA


  • TBA
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Well done, after RSA set the countdown timer to either get rebranded or get out, I thought Bankless Nation was going to self-destruct :pray: :tada: and you’re thriving.

Whilst LexDAO (guild of legal engineers is busy summoning our allies from the leXpunk army, let’s sync in … hmmm … mid June to see how we can help you guys get some legal shelter … our study group just finished a deep dive in the Wyoming DAO unincorp non-profit assoc which has some interesting characteristics.

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Yes, yes! We are live and we think that it’s more like a new blood, new heart, new braid, same ideas, same mission, without the restrictions :smiley:

Would you like someone I can intro you to who can come over to chat and understand better what your future needs are @CryptoReuMD ? He can speak spanish nativly which is +1000% better than my hola amigoes via google translate

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Yes, yes, just give us some days since we are in the middle of a very big reorg, and everything it’s in pieces, as soon as we are more armed again we will be in touch.