Arbitrum LATAM Report — February 2024

Arbitrum LATAM Report — February 2024

The Project So Far…

The project began in January 2024, and since then, the involved teams have been working on optimizing the networks and the new Arbitrum website for Spanish-speaking users for its official launch. With a focus on community growth and education, the project has aimed to maintain contact with the LATAM communities, create original content, and disseminate it while also planning for the future creation of offline events and talks at universities in the region, primarily in Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia.

If you want to track the weekly workflow of the project in real time, you can always check this worksheet.

New Content & Updates

Arbitrum LATAM Website

The Arbitrum LATAM website was officially launched on February 22, and the results of the first week are encouraging. More than 150 unique visits demonstrate the interest of communities in Arbitrum and the content being generated through the project, and we expect that number to grow over the next month. During March we’ll begin the diffusion of the content generated up to this point by the teams. Additionally, the website will receive periodic updates featuring March’s content. The project’s goal is to enhance engagement with communities and prioritize growth moving forward.

A website subscription feature has also been implemented for users seeking to receive news directly to their email inbox.

First Analytics

User activity
As previously mentioned, over the past month, the website has welcomed more than 150 new users, with the website launch being the peak of interest.

Demographic analytic

Demographic website

The website has attracted visitors from across the globe, with a notable majority coming from users in the Americas. Specifically, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States have been the primary visitors thus far, while Spain, Peru, and Brazil have also shown significant engagement.

Session analytics


We can see that most of the unique visits to the website are from users referred from other users/communities and through the project’s social networks. The project will use current metrics to develop a comprehensive strategy for growth.

Educative Articles

The educational articles, which are created with a pedagogical focus and using the didactic transposition method, have proliferated once again. This month, we have 5 new ever-green articles that will serve the entire Spanish-speaking community:

You can check all educative articles here.

Weekly Informative Articles

During the month of February, there has been a focus on creating informative pieces covering the DAO’s news week by week (called Arbinaunts Binnacle), keeping the communities informed about what has happened in the Arbitrum protocol. We have also continued with the creation of educational articles for the LinkedIn platform, which have aimed to educate communities about the latest protocol advancements.

You can check all weekly informative articles here.


The second newsletter has been posted and shared with the community, featuring a diverse array of news from Arbitrum and around the world. It serves as an engaging piece of information for the LATAM region, catching the eye of readers.

You can check all newsletters here.

Video Guides & Tutorials

The second batch of educational videos and tutorials has been uploaded to the networks, including YouTube and the website. With a diverse focus, the new audiovisual content aims to educate viewers on the ARB Token, current Grants, and Rollups, while the tutorials guide new users through Arbitrum governance and assist them in deploying a smart contract on Arbitrum.

The new videos and articles are as follows:

You can check all educative videos and tutorials here and here.

Podcast Series

During February, three new podcast episodes were produced, thus meeting the content goal for the Spotify network. In March, the project will finish the current “Getting to Know Arbitrum” with the last two episodes of this domain, and a new series of informative episodes will commence (out of program) for the platform.

The new episodes are already accessible through the Arbinauts account and the Arbitrum LATAM website:

You can check all podcast episodes here.

Social Networks & Narrative

The first part of the narrative focused on the Arbinauts has been completed, involving 16 of the largest communities in Latin America in a likes-based contest with a focus on growth and network diffusion. Subsequently, the website was launched through the project’s dissemination channels.

Project’s currently developing new narratives to engage with communities from the LATAM region, including collaboration with different projects, new uses for the communicational channels, universities classes, and more.


The teams involved in the project have worked hard throughout February, leading to a surplus of content for the official website launch. A new batch of ever-green content and informative content is already available on the site.

Atoma has managed to produce 5 new educational articles throughout the month, in addition to the 3 podcast episodes stipulated, once again exceeding the estimated amount of content. Currently, there are 10 educational articles, surpassing the 9 promised by the end of the domain. During the last month of the domain, the aim is to reach 15 articles, which would represent a decent increase compared to the initial target or baseline milestone. Additionally, a new series of informative podcasts will begin, exceeding expectations on the Spotify network milestones.

Solow has also created extra articles for LinkedIn, increasing the promised deliverables for February by a third. An increase in production is expected to have two articles/informative pieces per week for this network throughout March, thus achieving a 100% increase in content generation during the month.

What’s Next?

The month of March will consolidate the first phase of the Arbitrum LATAM project. With a solid content foundation, a burgeoning community, and plenty of energy, the teams will focus on continuing to provide new content for the region while also concentrating on the growth and education of communities through various methods, including talks at universities and collaboration with other projects, and in-person events in the region in the near future.

  • Ongoing Content Production
    • The team will maintain a robust content production schedule as stated in its proposal, releasing weekly articles, educational articles, videos, tutorials, and monthly newsletter during March.
  • University Classes and Future Partnerships
    • The Atoma team will conduct 1-2 university classes in Argentina during March. The first class will be in the UNCUYO for the diploma in cryptoeconomics in late March, and will serve as an introduction to Arbitrum and its basic aspects. If you want to read class syllabus you can check this link.
      • Anyone interested in participating in this diploma can join using the following link.
    • In collaboration with the Solow team, a second class is being prepared for the ITBA.
    • The project is actively collaborating with various regional universities to develop a class schedule for 2024. Additionally, it is establishing partnerships with different projects across Latin America to participate in various community calls in the future.
  • Collaboration with the Arbitrum Foundation
    • In collaboration with the Arbitrum Foundation, efforts will be made to establish gaming incentives in partnership with Treassure and Xai throughout March. We want to thank @cliffton.eth along with the rest of members of the AF for their collaboration with the project.
    • The project will also try to secure an official subdomain for the website.
      • Project will also work to improve and optimize the current website during March.
  • Explore Potential New Uses for Current Networks
    • During March we’ll begin developing informative Podcast episodes in a new series for the platform.
    • Also we’ll explore new ways of using the current communicational channels (such as Spotify and YouTube), including collaboration with other projects from the LATAM region, interviews to members of the DAO, coffee hours, and more.
  • Investigate the Potential for Hosting an In-person Event in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • This exploration will involve assessing venue options, estimating budget requirements, and identifying potential partners or collaborators for the event.
    • This initiative would enable us to interact in person with the community we’re building. Also, this event could also attract attention from individuals outside the typical web3 niche through difussion in universities, thus broadening our reach and diversifying our audience.
    • We aim to spark curiosity, inspire involvement, and foster a sense of belonging among attendees, ultimately strengthening our project’s impact and influence in the region.
  • Development of a Survey for the LATAM Community
    • In the near future the project aims to conduct a survey to understand the Arbitrum community’s demographics and preferences. This survey will gather insights into the community’s age, country of origin, gender distribution, education level, employment status, income, and cryptocurrency usage.
    • This data-driven approach will help the teams tailor the educational resources and outreach efforts effectively, fostering a more informed and engaged community around Arbitrum in Latin America.