Arbitrum LATAM Report — January 2024

Arbitrum LATAM Report — January 2024

Project’s Summary & Objectives

The Education, Community Growth & Events domain accepted a proposal at the end of December, designed to make a significant impact in the Latin American region. This initiative, crafted by a trio of projects comprising Atoma, Solow, and Cryptoversidad, aims to educate LATAM communities about Arbitrum, enhance the protocol’s accessibility and inclusivity, foster community growth, and extend its reach in a region as crucial to the web3 world as this.

In line with these objectives, our comprehensive project focuses on fostering growth and understanding within the Spanish-speaking community regarding the Arbitrum ecosystem. The collaboration between Atoma, Solow, and Cryptoversidad is geared towards bridging language and educational gaps, ultimately improving accessibility to Arbitrum’s technology, resources, and community engagement. Over the next three months, we are dedicated to achieving key milestones, including the launch of a new Spanish Arbitrum website, the development of communicational channels, and the creation of educational resources such as articles, podcasts, videos, and tutorials.

Our strategy involves engaging the target audience across various platforms to drive growth, adoption, and community participation. Through these initiatives, we aim to make substantial contributions to Arbitrum’s expansion within Spanish-speaking markets.

In the subsequent report, we will delve into the accomplishments of the project over the past month and provide insights into the upcoming initiatives for the months ahead.

Work Methodology

Atoma has effectively overseen the project’s organization by facilitating weekly calls among the three teams and creating a proficient collaborative worksheet. The primary goals of this worksheet are to enhance transparency, maintain order, foster synergy among teams, and ensure quality control for the generated content.

This publicly accessible sheet serves to keep track of the teams’ work, keeping the community well-informed about the project’s advancements. It encompasses a weekly workflow, providing easy access to all completed tasks, a detailed breakdown of project expenses, and a log of social media activities.

This sheet will be updated on a weekly basis, showcasing the ongoing work of the teams.



The website serves as a portal to all content developed by the project.

This platform features original and evergreen content crafted by the teams, including educational articles, podcasts, newsletters, and videos. Serving as an entry point for both newcomers and the Web3 community, the website aims to provide valuable resources and foster engagement. The project anticipates that the website’s content will not only enhance education and onboarding but also actively contribute to the growth and adoption of Arbitrum technology within the Spanish-speaking community.

The site is still under construction, and there are some details that will be refined as February progresses. This portal will receive regular updates with the content that is being generated and will be promoted through the networks created for the community.

Educative Articles

The educational articles planned for the project represent a didactic transposition strategy tailored to make complex topics related to the Arbitrum protocol accessible and comprehensible. Each article will employ clear and engaging language, breaking down intricate concepts into digestible segments. The didactic transposition aims to facilitate a smooth learning experience, ensuring that even those new to blockchain and decentralized technologies can grasp the nuances of Arbitrum. Topics covered will span from fundamental concepts like “What is Arbitrum?” to more advanced subjects such as “Arbitrum Rollup / AnyTrust / Orbit”, offering a solid and structured educational journey. The goal is to empower readers with a solid understanding of Arbitrum’s features, use cases, and role within the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

Video Guides & Tutorials

The educative videos planned for the project will serve as a dynamic and visually engaging means of presenting essential information about Arbitrum to the Spanish-speaking audience. With a focus on simplicity and clarity, these videos will break down complex concepts into straightforward visual narratives. Covering topics ranging from the core concepts of Arbitrum to in-depth explorations of governance, tokenomics, and practical aspects like deploying smart contracts, the videos aim to offer a thorough understanding of Arbitrum through animated content.

Podcast Series

The podcast series is designed to provide an auditory journey into the world of Arbitrum for the Spanish-speaking community. Through these episodes, the project aims to deliver insightful and accessible content, unraveling the intricacies of Arbitrum’s technology, use cases, and broader implications within the blockchain space. Each episode, with an average duration of 10-15 minutes, will cover a specific aspect, offering an engaging format for users to deepen their understanding. By creating this series, our project seeks to cater to diverse learning preferences, reaching a wider audience and fostering a sense of connection within the Spanish-speaking community as they explore the rich landscape of Arbitrum and decentralized technologies.

Social Networks & Narrative


The project envisions the creation of a vibrant online presence through strategic engagement on various social networks, including X, LinkedIn, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube. Including a specially crafted narrative across these platforms, revolving around the Arbinauts and the launch of this initiative.

Throughout this first month, this narrative has been unfolding through daily tweets, threads, and engaging content, with X serving as the primary platform for content dissemination in various formats. LinkedIn has been hosting weekly educational updates and DAO-related decisions. After the launch, Telegram will serve as a space for both announcements and community interaction, fostering a conversational channel where the team actively assists newcomers and share educational content. By strategically utilizing these social networks, the project aims to cultivate a dynamic and supportive Spanish-speaking community around Arbitrum, enhancing awareness and engagement within the ecosystem.


The content production has been truly commendable during the month of January. Despite the challenge of collaboration among three different teams and acknowledging that there is still room for improvement, the results are more than satisfactory, and all the month’s objectives have been met promptly.

Additionally, the quantity of educational articles planned for this initial month has been surpassed. Originally set at 3, a total of 5 articles were produced, increasing the overall number of educational articles created by the project during this domain from 9 to 11.

Beyond the planned activities, a project brand book has also been created to unify the aesthetics of the various contents.

Progress in video production has also been rapid during January, and we anticipate that production will further streamline in the coming months through collaborative synergy and teams’ research feedback.

What’s Next? February 2024

February is set to be a dynamic and impactful month for Arbitrum LATAM, laying the foundation for sustained growth, community engagement, and educational outreach. We look forward to the official launch and the positive impact our initiative will have on the Spanish-speaking community’s understanding and adoption of Arbitrum technology.

  • Official Launch and Website Refinement
    • February marks a significant milestone for Arbitrum LATAM as we officially launch our initiative. The website,, will be unveiled, showcasing a wealth of educational content, resources, and community engagement features.
  • Ongoing Content Production
    • The team will maintain a robust content production schedule, releasing weekly articles, educational videos, tutorials, and newsletters.
  • Social Network Engagement and Narrative Development
    • Building on the momentum generated in January, we will intensify our presence on social networks such as X, LinkedIn, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube. Our narrative will evolve and expand, introducing the Arbinauts and emphasizing the launch of our initiative.
  • University Outreach Preparation for March
    • As part of our long-term strategy, preparations will begin in February for university outreach activities scheduled for March. The team will strategize and coordinate efforts to engage with universities, introducing the benefits of Arbitrum and decentralized technologies. This initiative aims to establish a presence within academic circles, fostering collaboration, and creating a pipeline for future contributions to the blockchain space.

This work is awesome and I think @cattin and @Manugotsuka did a great job to steer the application in the right way.

I also think it would be interesting for the foundation itself to look at this, and see if it could be a useful resource for them as well. Tagging @cliffton.eth for visibility here.