Business Development Fellowship - Updates

Genesis of Fellowship group:

During April 2024, members of our group all attended different contributor sessions hosted by ArbitrumDAO Onboarding. After a couple of weeks, we were placed in this group to tackle Business Development from an Arbitrum DAO perspective. We have met twice on our own accord, and have the broad mandate for formalizing a group objective and deliverables should we find the working group well positioned to add value to the DAO. We aim to do so by advancing ArbitrumDAO through an organized business development capacity.

Important documents:


Our ArbitrumDAO | Biz Dev Fellowship Group is composed of 7 people from 4 countries that is currently split into 2 sub-working groups. @RichCL is the Gandalf of the group which helps organizes our volunteer efforts. We have included our profiles in our Notion page.


At present, we are following the guidelines of the Fellowship, and performing basic analysis of what is currently being done for BD internally and externally. We are scheduled to meet at least 5 times over the course of 2 months to propose formal objectives for the group. At the end of the 2 months, we are expected to draft at least 1 proposal to add value or disband the group. Any proposals should be vetted by at least 3 delegates.


The group has regular meetings w/ the following virtual meeting details: . At present we meet every Tuesday at GMT 4 (or 11AM EST for all months of the year). We use this time to provide updates from sub-groups and keep each other accountable for deliverables.

Update for 05.13.2024

Current status:

  • We have split into 2 groups for initial fact finding missions.
    • Team A (@RichCL, @git.smol, Pravnav)

      • We have reached out to contacts at both AF and OCL for different BD members.
      • The goals are to:
          1. to conduct informational interviews and document current efforts,
          1. synthesize our findings from the different interviews, and
          1. identify the gaps that we can fill, or weak links we can strengthen
    • Team B (@BorrowLucid, Edgar, @teresacd, Alvaro )

      • We have started scraping forums from different ecosystems
        • Polygon
        • Arweave
        • Mantle
        • Optimism
        • Gnosis
        • Base
      • The goals are to:
        • Collect forum and blog posts that describe ecosystem and business development strategies from other L2s
        • Outline what each chain is focusing on
        • Uncover potential gaps among the other strategies that the BD fellowship can focus on

Next steps:

In the next 2 weeks, each team will be providing updates from our respective sub-groups at our weekly meeting. We aim to wrap up our respecitive tasks by June in advance of our 5th meeting when the fellowship concludes.

What can you do to help:

Please help us with contacts.

We are connecting with the BD or Partnership people from both Offchain Labs and the Arbitrum Foundation. Just to make sure we are exhaustive in our outreach, please put anyone you know in those capacities in touch with us. You can start by mentioning them in this thread.

Additionally, feel free to respond to this thread with specific alpha and resources for us to get this group off to a great start.


hey, I’m happy to help you connect with the right people :slight_smile:


Awesome. Just dm’ed you with others in working group for visibility.

Arbitrum Business Development Fellowship Update 5/15/24

Yesterday, we had our 3rd of 5 weekly calls and we’re joined by a few members of the Arbitrum community. Thank you Q, Sinkas and ZER8 for being present.

Team A shared updates on their Internal Analysis, which included learnings from conversations with Peter Haymond, who’s time and knowledge sharing is much appreciated. You can stay up to date by referencing the working doc.

Team B shared updates on their Competitive Analysis, which included learnings from forum and blog posts from other L2s. You can stay up to date by referencing the working doc.

The second half of the call was dedicated to brainstorming, during which potential focuses were discussed, including APAC and localism. We are open to building multiple proposals.

The next call is May 21, 2024 and details can be found on the Arbitrum calendar.


Arbitrum Business Development Fellowship Update 5/22/24

Yesterday, we had our 4th Fellowship meeting. There were 2 members of the core group and several outside members who gave us support and new ideas.

Meeting Notes for May 21, 2024

  • Recording
  • Participants:
    • Caesar Premia, Dev Swaroop, Don Lee, Raam At Arbitrum, Rich Cuellar-Lopez, Rich Cuellar-Lopez’s Presentation, Sam Martin
  • Recap of the last week (for anyone new)
    • Update of Fellowship and structure of group
  • Potential Items:
    • Updates from Sub-groups
    • Proposal discussion
      • Next steps on any proposal groups
    • Highlights
      • Suggestions:
        • Raam: you mentioned the arbitrum Venture initiative. There’s also obviously the m&a initiative; both of these are still in the pipeline of the governance process. But have you already spoken to the folk leading those initiatives about potentially working with them or conducting BD or them if and when they are approved by the DAO?
        • Sam: I think that’s some super low hanging fruit that this group could potentially reach out to different security providers. Let them know about the opportunity offer them help to actually make their applications and then getting a really competitive applicant pool that can be selected whitelisted security providers that could ultimately contribute to the dial that would be pretty cool in my opinion because that’s like an organic Working group here kind of filling a whole need in the DAO
        • Don: I think that’s a great way for an organic group like this to pitch in one of the things we talked about earlier on was an idea of is there a place for the DAO just to provide BD support to smaller teams
  • Wrap-up:
    • Next steps:
      • Continue our follow-up with OCL (next call scheduled for Friday May 24)
      • explore if there are any other working groups that could leverage our skills
  • Notes:

Comment in thread if you want to continue the conversation

cc @raam Sam Martin (Entropy Advisors), Caesar Premia, @git.smol @lino @Bernard based on suggestions made during calls.

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