Social Media Fellowship - Communication Thread

Genesis of Fellowship group:

The fellowship was enabled by the Arbitrum DAO onboarding group and all members of the group were matched to this group based on the interests and skills they have presented in the ArbitrumDAO onboarding calls.

Important documents:


Our ArbitrumDAO | Social Media Fellowship is composed of 7 people from 5 countries each with valuable, diverse skill sets and expertise. All these details are outlined in the Master doc @ZER8 is the Gandalf of the group assigned with organizing, leading and guiding the group into success.


At present, we are following the guidelines of the Fellowship and have the soul purpose of finding the best way to define the “core” objectives of this group. To do this we are both researching how other ecosystems are tackling this(if they are), what social media outlets we currently have as an ecosystem and how can we create a strategy that actually helps Arbitrum DAO!

My goal as the Gandalf is to enable a collaborative medium in which all the contributors can:

  1. co-work on identifying the current social media needs
  2. co-design a strategy that we can use to fill in any communications gaps and hopefully increase the reach of the current outlets the Arbitrum ecosystem and the DAO has.
  3. Decentralize decision making over time

The final goals is to create a comprehensive, step by step strategy in which we can create, grow and expand the reach of Arbitrum DAOs social media outlets in a measurable, reviewable and value adding way.

Some possible outcomes:

  1. Create a strategy that “makes” sense for the current phase of the DAO
  2. Expand Arbitrums reach on new “native web3” socials: Lens, Farcaster, Linkedin, etc and on web2 socials: Instagram, Facebook, etc. There are numerous Arbitrum language specific groups on web2 socials that have a LOT of members.
  3. Allow the DAO and community members to step in and contribute
  4. Creating a decentralized bounty board in which community members can propose valuable ideas and also work on them.

What would medium-long term success look like:

  1. Allow the DAO to submit requests to the group and overtime decentralize the "management’ or at least “content” creation
  2. Enable anyone to launch a local chapter for Arbitrum DAO and be able to clearly measure their success by creating a funding round using QF. This way we can enable the best social media managers, content creators to step in. The Arbitrum community will decide who are the best ones and how much they should be funded!
  3. Exponentially increase the reach of Arbitrum DAOs social media presence, education and digital events

We are scheduled to meet at least 5 times over the course of 2 months to propose formal objectives for the group. At the end of the 2 months, we are expected to draft a proposal or disband the group. Any proposals should be vetted by at least 3 delegates.


We’re meeting every week on Thursday 7PM CET. You can see our calls in the Arbitrum Governance Calendar also
Call link:

Current status:

In the first call I’ve presented the fellowship, what is is, how it works and I’ve also shared context about the DAO from my personal experience in the last year. We’ve then presented our relevant skillsets to the group and have co-worked on mapping some of the social media accounts the DAO has at the moment.

The “homework” assignment was to get up to speed(at least partially) on what Arbitrum DAO is and how it “works”, what working groups do we have, etc. One issue in the first call was the fact that not all the people have context on how the DAO works and what it is!

In todays call Entropy Advisors will join to help the group get better context on Arbitrum DAO, how the social media group can help and how we should tackle this in a collaborative way!

Next steps:

The longterm vision for the Social Media group is to pave the way towards decentralized social media management, but in order to get there we need to first know were we are and how we will get there.

For Proposal #1

  1. Identify all the Social Media outlets the Arbiturm ecosystem has at the moment and prioritize the creation of new web3 social media accounts: Linkedin, Farcaster, Lens, etc and also web2
    (these activities are not that important for the overall strategy, but are meant to coagulate the group and to help the people learn to work together)
  2. Create a social media strategy to expand Arbitrum DAOs reach both locally and globally and reach new valuable audiences
    a) Conduct thorough research - how are other ecosystems handling this?
    Each member of the group will be assigned a “mission” by Gandalf
    b) Present our findings to the group and then DAO, talk with the foundation and other SMEs that are handling socials in the DAO or ecosystem
    *c) Track key metrics such as member growth, engagement levels, and content performance to measure the effectiveness of our efforts. This data will be used to evaluate the success of the group and make data-driven decisions for future strategies.
  3. Experiment and try to empower the community to participate in these activities
  4. Create a proposal that helps Arbitrum DAO expand its social media reach using the strategy we will create, gather feedback and present it to the DAO

Possible ideas for Proposal #2
5. Decentralize the social media group by leveraging web3 native methods and tools
6. Decentralized social curation done by the DAO

What can you do to help:

Join our calls, give feedback and pls let us know how we can do a better job :pray: :pleading_face: If you know an ecosystem that is trying to decentralize it’s social media presence pls let us know how they are doing it and what tools are they using.