Better Alerts On Votes Beginning

Could someone with mod powers pin a thread that lists ongoing votes?

It’s very easy to miss when a vote goes to Snapshot or Tally, especially when the only indication is an update to the original thread, but never in the comments (example).

It would probably improve participation if there was a single place on the forum to list and draw attention to any ongoing votes. Ideally each vote’s notification on the thread would be deleted upon closure and the thread would be locked to prevent random spam comments or debates about the merits of a proposal occurring on the notification thread rather than the proposal thread.

Thank you in advance. Also interested in any alerts others use. We used Senate, but that is winding down and doesn’t send alerts anymore.


Hi @GFXlabs,

Will look into options to make it more obvious on the forums.

You can also subscribe to:

We provide updates to delegates about new votes there.


This is perfect, thank you! Probably no need for a dedicated notifications thread then