Bi-weekly grants & governance workshop (08.15.2023)

Reminder - Tuesday 8.15 is the bi-weekly Grants & Governance workshop at 2pm UTC

These bi-weekly facilitated sessions are open to all delegates and teams/individuals contributing to the Arbitrum ecosystem. Hosted workshops will use design thinking to understand the problems we are facing, align our conversations, and find better solutions.

If you have topics that need to be discussed, pop them in the comments below or add them as we get started.

Note, these meetings are less about information sharing - and more about issue & next step identification.

We will use the Lean Coffee approach to work through sticky Grants & Governance related topics - find the outline here and we hope you will join us.

The follow up notes will be appended to this post.

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Meeting Minutes: Bi-weekly Grants & Governance Workshop (08.15.2023)

Bi-weekly Grants & Governance Workshop - August 15, 2023

Attendance: Approximately 11 participants

Call Introduction.

During the initial segment of the call, participants shared their discussion topics using sticky notes.

Item 1: Delegate’s Incentives.

The discussion commenced with the “delegate incentives” sticky note, given its high priority.

After setting the priorities, participants had an opportunity to inquire about other sticky note topics, with the most pertinent questions being addressed.

Considerable interest was expressed regarding payment for delegates and the system to prevent conflicts of interest.

Members were encouraged to provide comments and pose questions on the SeedLatam RFC-2 proposal, accessible here:

Item 2: Arbitrum Licenses

The second point of discussion involved licenses issued by Offchain Labs for projects seeking to utilize Nitro technology.

Considerable debate arose over the application process and the trustworthiness of Offchain Labs. From my perspective, two opposing viewpoints exist:

  • Restricting arbitrum nitro licensing could dissuade developers from using Arbitrum, but it would ensure committed projects align with the ecosystem’s vision.
  • Alternatively, facilitating easy licensing for numerous projects could lead to chain forks and potential scams. Nevertheless, wider distribution of arbitrum software could expose technology performance variations, aiding in identifying weaknesses and strengths for a more robust and secure ecosystem in the long run.

Agenda Item 3: Forum Timing

A suggestion was made for a quarterly system, involving planning in the first month, participation in the second, and evaluation in the third.

Due to time constraints, the discussion on this topic remained incomplete.


Damn… I wish I could go! I am AFK for the next month for burning man. Will try to vote in all the things… but can’t do much more than that.

I wish I could delegate for a month so i could go on vacation! :smiley:

P.S. If anyone wants to YOLO into the burn this year, DM me on telegram @griffgreen and I will get you into our epic camp. I can make it almost too easy.

Overview here:

Apply here:


well done @Manugotsuka! I will post the video once I figure out how to scrape it off @DisruptionJoe 's google account. In the meantime, here is a screenshot and a link to the mural.

Thank you very much for the participation and the helpful critique of the process - see you all in two weeks at our next meeting - which you can find in this public Arbitrum Governance calendar


And for anyone wanting to view the discussion find the recording here:

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