Candidate Election Phase - March 2024

The Member Election phase has commenced, on April 12th at 20:09 UTC, and will run for 21 days (3 weeks).

The Nominees

During this phase, delegates will be able to vote on their preferred nominee(s), out of those listed below:

How does voting work?

This final voting phase encourages delegates to cast votes early, as delegates’ voting power will eventually decay if they do not cast their votes within the first 7 days (i.e. by April 19th!).

Delegates can split their votes across multiple nominees, with 1 token representing 1 vote. All voting is carried out via on-chain smart contracts, which can be accessed via the Tally UI, here: Tally | Arbitrum Security Council

Member Election phase AMA

On Monday, April 15, at 14:00 UTC. there will be a Twitter AMA with the qualifying nominees.

It will cover:

  • Summary of the Security Council and the Election Process to date
  • Compliance Check walkthrough
  • Overview of the Member Election phase and timeline
  • Nominee introductions

Here is the link to the Twitter Spaces: (which is also already on the ArbitrumDAO governance calendar).

What makes a good candidate?

Choosing the right Security Council members is crucial to the security of the Arbitrum ecosystem due to the authority granted to them. Accordingly, delegates should elect candidates wisely, and consider the Security Council’s responsibilities and values, as well as key attributes to look out for when evaluating candidates, as described here: Security Council Members: Duties and Principles

There was a Governance Call on March 25, 2024, to discuss the attributes that make a good candidate. This meeting recording can be accessed here: Security Council Elections - Who are the candidates? (2024-03-25 15:05 GMT) - Google Drive

What is the Security Council?

If you are unfamiliar with the Security Council, you can read more about it here:

Tl;dr thread:

Security Council Elections 101

ArbitrumDAO Constitution: The Amended Constitution of the Arbitrum DAO | Arbitrum DAO - Governance docs

Remember to vote!

We’re counting on you to vote for the next cohort of Security Council members to secure the Arbitrum ecosystem! :saluting_face::blue_heart::orange_heart:

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