Check eligibility without connecting wallet?

I have an address I did some transactions on over a year ago and I can’t find the seed phrase for it, or maybe its one of the seeds I wrote down with terrible handwriting, or maybe I’m trying it with the wrong wallet or with the wrong trezzor password. My memory and record keeping is awful.

Is there a way to check its airdrop eligibility without connecting the wallet, just with the address?

If I can prove its my wallet (I can login to an exchange and show I initially funded it and have access to the other wallets it sent/received from), is there any chance I could claim that airdrop and have it sent to a different address?

Does anyone know of a tool for taking a 12 or 24 word phrase and changing one word at a time to similar words for idiots like me who can’t read their own handwriting? I’ve agonized over the bip word list trying to figure out which is wrong but nothing I try works.




you can see the amount of claimable tokens using the claimableTokens function in the Distributor contract:

Click on Read Contract, then type the wallet address on the 3rd function and click Query.

No way to claim without access to the wallet tho


Yes! You can check your airdrop without connecting your wallet by copying the url below and typing your address in after the “=” at the end:

Before you press enter, get ready to quickly take a screenshot, as the screen will only appear for a second before disappearing and taking you to the arbitrum foundation homepage. If you miss your chance to get a screenshot and have trouble getting it to load again, open an “incognito window” and try again.

Once you have a screenshot, just paste into paint and look how much it’s eligible for at your leisure

Unfortunately, I think it is doubtful this is possible :(. I don’t think the arbitrum foundation has the customer service capacity to verify individuals ownership of accounts they are unable to access. Of course, you can contact the team directly via twitter or something along those lines, but I wouldn’t put too much weight in this working out.

I don’t know of anything like this, but I love the idea. If it doesn’t exist, I might try to create something like this.

I DO know that certain wallets will kind of help you finish words when you try to import wallets using a phrase (kind of how google will predict what you are typing when you search). Try importing the phrase using a bunch of different wallets, maybe one of their prediction algorithms will help you recover your wallet. When you try this, make sure to actually type the words rather than copy/pasting, since they will not be able to predict anything if words are pasted.


I’ve tried that, been through the master word list looking at all the possibilities, I think either I don’t have the seed (must have lost that particular sticky note) or used the secret wallet in trezzor and can’t remember the password. Rather frustrating how Ledger generates different derivation paths (the 2nd 3rd etc addresses) than other wallets, and its the biggest PITA to input the phrase on. I also have a 15 word phrase on a note that doesn’t work in metamask I have no idea what wallet it was for. Don’t be like me, keep better records!

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darn, sorry nothing has worked for recovering the wallet. Did you check eligibility to see if it’s even worth recovering?

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Sorry for recycling this topic but I’d rather not pollute the forum with a new one.

With the current deadline of the claiming contract (Sept 2023), it’s economically rational for me to take a flight to access to hardware machine controlling the address of my airdrop.

However I was wondering if there was a way to “claim” the airdrop on behalf on the recipient from another address. The tokens would be assigned to the airdrop recipient (and not the address signing the tx). Looking at Etherscan I don’t see such a function.