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After our recent conversation in the Telegram Group, one of the Grantees of this round that didn’t achieve any milestones, updates or MVP for what was committed because the Devs are to busy, decided to return the funds.

This is the address that benefited from quadratic funding: 0x526647287A54A9E83998ED748115Dc6bCBBadBf3

-67 Arb Tokens, transaction in the original post

With a total of: 460.5466807977417 ARB tokens received, we will wait for the transaction and the forum post with the information. Here is the Safe Account in Arbitrum: arb1: 0xD31E40B399d515E55b7Cd94FFD7EcCBBfF44282d

We will take care of distributed funds and talk with this communities for next steps. Please be careful. If you commit to having a grant, even more, one of small community, an alliance between several communities, of which you are in fact part. Please maintain effective and transparent communication, otherwise we will consider that in the near future you will not benefit from receiving a grant or support from the above-mentioned communities on another occasion.


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As an entity that supported the realization of this initiative (we are Women Biz), we would like to receive updates on the current status. This initiative was created with the purpose of helping others, just as many have trusted us in the past.

We understand the challenges that come with managing and developing projects, especially in a decentralized environment. It is important to maintain transparent and effective communication to ensure trust and collaboration among all parties involved. We believe in the potential of the projects and the individuals behind them, and we are here to support them in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.

If the decision to return the funds is final, we respect that choice. However, we would appreciate it if you could inform us about the current state of your work and any progress made. This will help us understand the situation better and explore ways we can provide support in the future.

Best regards,
Women Biz


Just wanted to provide updates on

Thanks again for all the support so far! :smiley:

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Updates on deCredit Score.

Funding. As we said before, to make deCredit Score a reality we need more funds. Recently, we’ve been approved 20K $ARB by the ReFi in Arbitrum program from Charmverse.

The team composition changed. Johan is not anymore contributing to it due to collision with his university. Now, we have Nestor in the team. Nestor has experience with web3 development.

Repo updates. If you go to our Github you will see we have been working slowly on it. We are grateful for your initial support.

GovHack. The team participated in Arbitrum’s GovHack Brussels. There they worked to improve and validate the strategy with key decision makers of the Arbitrum space.


We’ve faced several blockers, such as not enough dev experience on using the web3 tech, taking too much time to solve some cloud-service tech issues, and other tech things, as well as not having enough funding to retain the team focused on building. However, we made a commitment and we are delivering it. The team is still together and motivated to make deCredit Score happen. It’s just a matter of time and funding.

As above-mentioned in the updates section, we were approved to receive 20K $ARB. With this grant we’ve included Nestor as the web3 dev restarted the dev work.
It is to be said, that although we are responsible to the ReFi grant for the work we complete, we are grateful towards you -the Community Alliance, for the initial support, which is perhaps the most important due to the initial validation and moral support that is needed when kickstarting a project.

So we will come to you again when we have the working UI with EAS (as we committed to) and link it here.