Proposal: BanklessDAO's Global Education and Onboarding Campaign for Arbitrum

BanklessDAO’s Global Education and Onboarding Campaign for Arbitrum

Squad: DAOStewards


Fueling financial sovereignty is the core idea behind the bankless movement. This proposal presents a 12 month engagement with BanklessDAO for a global onboarding and education campaign for the Arbitrum ecosystem and requests 1,818,630 ARB.


BanklessDAO is a pivotal platform where people learn “how to DAO’’ through experiential learning. The DAO makes it easy for people to get involved in crypto and learn how to use different dApps and tools. Many become builders, ecosystem contributors, and find full-time jobs.

One example is @AnaTech.eth; she first joined crypto through BanklessDAO, where she learned ‘How to DAO’ and was inspired to work full-time in crypto. Today Ana works full time with the Arbitrum Foundation and is a clear example of how BanklessDAO helps onboard people from all around the world to crypto. You can find her testimonial here. Similarly, we have helped people find full-time jobs at Uniswap, Polygon, Lido, Thrivecoin, Aragon, Collab.Land, and Post.Tech [reference]. Here are testimonials from six other people who learned how to DAO at BanklessDAO and went on to start their own companies or found jobs in crypto.

For over two years, BanklessDAO has been creating crypto educational content and has helped hundreds of people like Anatech to go full-time crypto. The vision of the DAO is to live in a world where anyone with an internet connection has access to the financial tools needed to achieve financial independence, and we want to work with value-aligned partners such as Arbitrum DAO to further our respective visions.


This proposal aims to share the Arbitrum DAO values of Ethereum-aligned, socially inclusive, technically inclusive, and user-focused with the broader crypto community. By taking those new to crypto on a streamlined journey from their first touchpoint with Arbitrum, to training them on how to DAO, and finally helping them find their place in the Arbitrum ecosystem, we aim to create a place for people from all walks of life to learn and benefit from the growing L2 tech stack.


To structure the campaign we have identified three ‘user personas’ relevant to the Arbitrum ecosystem. The campaign strategy is to attract → engage → onboard, a results-focused framework which has proven successful within BanklessDAO. As our proof of work, we recently delivered a comprehensive 10 week campaign for Optimism focused on education and onboarding.

While all three parts of the strategy will be delivered concurrently throughout the year, we have provided a walk-through below which will help the reader understand all the elements involved in the campaign.

User Personas

Persona Background Goals Challenges
Tech-Savvy Tim A software developer with an interest in blockchain technology, familiar with the basics of Ethereum but looking for scalable solutions. Wants to develop dApps with lower gas costs and higher throughput. Needs to understand the specifics of L2 solutions and find a community to foster his development skills.
Crypto-Curious Carrie A recent finance graduate who has been following the rise of DeFi and is intrigued by the possibilities of decentralized finance. Wishes to explore DeFi platforms to apply her financial knowledge and eventually contribute to governance and operations within the ecosystem. Seeks comprehensive education on DeFi and the Arbitrum platform, as well as guidance on how to transition from a traditional finance role to a DeFi-centric career
Gamer Gary Gary is an avid gamer with a passion for online multiplayer games. He has heard about blockchain gaming and is intrigued by the idea of truly owning in-game assets and earning while playing. To discover and play blockchain-based games that offer a decentralized gaming experience and the opportunity for play-to-earn mechanics. Limited knowledge of how blockchain technology integrates with gaming and how to start playing and earning in the space.

Onboarding Journey

Tech-Savvy Tim Crypto-Curious Carrie Gamer Gary
Attraction Discovers Arbitrum through multilingual social media posts and technical content shared on developer forums. Attends a global onboarding event hosted by BanklessDAO and learns about the potential of Arbitrum in transforming finance. Gary stumbles upon a visually captivating post on social media about a new blockchain game launched on Arbitrum. He watches a teaser trailer of the game on YouTube, which showcases the unique features and in-game assets that can be owned as NFTs.
Engagement Regularly reads newsletters on Layer 2 technology, watches interviews with Arbitrum developers, and joins technical meetups to connect with like-minded individuals. Subscribes to multilingual newsletters discussing DeFi on Layer 2s, engages with educational YouTube content, and participates in social meetups to learn from community experts. Gary follows the game’s social media channels and joins their Discord server. He engages with content that explains the benefits of gaming on Arbitrum, such as low transaction fees and fast finality. He participates in online gaming events and discussions, connecting with other gamers and developers in the Arbitrum gaming ecosystem.
Onboarding Enrolls in multilingual Bankless Academy courses focused on building dApps on Arbitrum, starts experimenting with DAO contributions, and attends DAO onboarding cohorts. Completes advanced courses on DeFi and Arbitrum from Bankless Academy, contributes to Gitcoin rounds to support community projects, and actively participates in Arbitrum DAO governance. Playing: Starts playing the game using a step-by-step guide provided by BanklessDAO, making his first in-game transactions on Arbitrum. Earning: Learns about play-to-earn mechanisms and starts earning in-game currency or NFTs, which he can trade on the Arbitrum network. Contributing: As Gary becomes more skilled, he participates in beta testing new games, providing feedback, and even starts streaming his gameplay, helping onboard more gamers to Arbitrum.

Outline of Campaign Deliverables


The ‘attract’ component of the strategy focuses on visually attractive, bite-sized content for new people to become interested in crypto as well as in-person onboarding events for the personal touch. This attraction is done via BanklessDAO’s social media channels in 10 languages as well as ongoing events coordinated with our partners.

Onboarding event partners include:

Key performance indicators include:

  • Social media posts in each language
  • Onboarding events in each country
  • Video interviews from participants


Once a person is interested in crypto, they are directed to engage with more regular written or audio-visual content as well as attend social meetups. The DAO has a broad spectrum of newsletters and YouTube playlists to choose from as well as courses on crypto basics by Bankless Academy.

For the scope of this proposal we want to limit the deliverables to the following categories:

  • Multilingual Newsletters on Layer 2s [eg: here]
  • Multilingual written content as educational blog posts [eg: here]
  • Multilingual Youtube videos on beginner-friendly content [eg: here]
  • YouTube videos of interviews with builders on Arbitrum [eg: here]

Key performance indicators:

  • Number of newsletters in each language
  • Number of YouTube videos
  • Number of interviews


Once the individual is regularly engaged with the content, we will have more advanced content and educational courses ready to help this person become a crypto native, as well as giving them the experience of DAO life by incentivizing folks to ‘learn how to DAO’ by participating in the onboarding journey offered by BanklessDAO.

For the scope of this proposal we want to limit the deliverables to the following categories:

  • Multi-lingual Academy lessons on Arbitrum [eg: here]
  • DAO onboarding via education cohorts run by guilds

Onboarding Flow


  • The new member has already attended one or more IRL event
  • Reads about crypto content via various channels offered by the DAO
  • Has done more than one course by Bankless Academy

Persona Specific ‘How-to’ Sessions

Tech-Savvy Tim

  • How to Deploy a Smart Contract on Arbitrum
  • How to Interact with Arbitrum’s Layer 2 Smart Contracts
  • How to Optimize Solidity Code for Arbitrum
  • How to Contribute to Arbitrum’s Open-Source Projects
  • How to Implement Cross-Chain Compatibility with Arbitrum
  • How to Develop a dApp on Arbitrum
  • How to Secure Your Smart Contracts
  • How to Test and Deploy Arbitrum Bridges
  • How to Participate in Arbitrum’s Developer Community

Crypto-Curious Carrie

  • How to Analyze and Choose DeFi Projects on Arbitrum
  • How to Optimize Yield Farming Strategies on Arbitrum
  • How to Use Arbitrum for Cross-Chain Transactions
  • How to Leverage Arbitrum for Low-Risk Investments
  • How to Manage and Secure Your Crypto Portfolio on Arbitrum
  • How to Contribute to Arbitrum Grants Program
  • How to Navigate Arbitrum’s Financial Education Courses
  • How to Network and Collaborate in DeFi Finance on Arbitrum
  • How to Stay Informed on Regulatory Developments in DeFi
  • How to Apply for Leadership Roles in DeFi Projects on Arbitrum

Gamer Gary

  • How to Get Started with Blockchain Gaming on Arbitrum
  • Exploring Play-to-Earn Mechanisms in Blockchain Games
  • How to Join Gaming Communities on Arbitrum
  • How to Beta Test New Games on Arbitrum
  • How to Stream Your Gameplay on Arbitrum
  • How to Start Your Own Gaming Project on Arbitrum

Based on their interests and understanding of the different things which people have learned in the how-to sessions, people can choose to participate in one or more guilds according to their interests.

  • Guilds have weekly syncs for new members to join and engage in ongoing projects.
  • Get onboarded to specific projects related to the guild by talking with a dedicated talent coordinator.
  • By working with projects, contributors can iteratively improve their skills and add value to the DAO and ecosystem.

Key performance indicators:

  • Number of lessons produced
  • Number of active education cohorts in guilds

Measure of Success:

  • Number of Academy badges minted
  • Number of active members as part of education cohorts in BanklessDAO guilds
  • Number of transactions on Arbitrum
  • Number of testimonials highlighting success stories of going full-time crypto

Steps to Implement

Content Milestones

Milestones Social Media Content [Multilingual] Written content [Multilingual] AV content [English] Onboarding events [Global]
Q1 144 66 6 12
Q2 144 66 6 13
Q3 144 66 6 12
Q4 144 66 6 13

Milestones for Academy Lessons:

Lesson Milestones Timeline
Lesson 1: Intro to Arbitrum #1: Beta test of English lesson Q2 2024
#2: English lesson deployed Q2 2024
#3: Marketing campaign delivered via Bankless Academy & BanklessDAO (Twitter & Newsletters) Q2 2024
#4: 5x multilingual lessons deployed Q2 2024
Lesson 2: Layer 2 Validators (ft. BOLD) #1: Beta test of English lesson Q2 2024
#2: English lesson deployed Q2 2024
#3: Marketing campaign delivered via Bankless Academy & BanklessDAO (Twitter & Newsletters) Q2 2024
#4: 5x multilingual lessons deployed Q3 2024

‘How-to’ Session Milestones

Devs Finance Gamers
Q1 6 7 5
Q2 6 7 5
Q3 6 7 5
Q4 6 7 5

Team & Contributors:

More than 100 contributors from BanklessDAO and our education partners will be involved in delivering this program. If this proposal is approved, we will select two campaign managers within the DAO who will oversee execution and reporting of the campaign.

Meanwhile, we will continue to be active delegates in the Arbitrum DAO as can be verified by our delegation thread here.

Management of Funds:

We suggest creating a 2 of 3 multi-sig with DAOstewards and two other delegates. If you are interested in being on the multi-sig please reply below.


Here is an example of the content calendar that we use to do this kind of work with our partners. The actual topics might vary depending on inputs from the community as well as upcoming developments in the ecosystem.

Overall Cost

Item Quantity Cost in ARB
Multilingual Marketing Campaign 650 111,650
Multilingual Written Content 286 302,500
Multilingual Academy Course 2 77,000
Podcast 22 121,000
Events 50 147,400
Onboarding via Guilds and ‘How-to’ Sessions 85 783,750
Strategic Coordination Personnel 2 110,000
Buffer 10% 165,330
Total 1,818,630


Bankless Publishing , Bankless Academy, Bankless Africa, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Bengali, Malayalam, Ukrainian, Serbo-croatian, Hungarian, Tamil

Next Steps:

  1. Join our Community Call on Friday 24th Nov at 17 UTC to discuss this with the community [invite link]

  2. Join a dedicated feedback space via Google meet on 27th Nov at 17:30 UTC [ ]

  3. Join a dedicated Twitter space on 29th Nov at 17 UTC [link]

  4. Drop your feedback below :point_down:


After reviewing the proposal, I appreciate the comprehensive plan laid out for the year. However, I suggest a more experimental approach by initiating a trial period of one quarter instead of launching a full-year campaign directly.

This trial period would allow us to:

  • Closely Monitor Impact: Assess the immediate effectiveness of the campaign on a smaller scale.
  • Evaluate KPIs: Measure the success through specific KPIs tailored for a shorter period.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Decide on the future of the campaign based on tangible results from this quarter-long trial.

After the trial period, with data on the campaign’s proven impact versus its spending, we can review the result. It would enable us to make a more informed decision about whether to continue, adjust, or halt the campaign, ensuring that the campaigns are in the best interest of the Arbitrum community and are both resource-efficient and impactful.


Thank you for the feedback.

  • Based on feedback from another proposal Proposal: Fund Atoma's project, a Growth & Communications proposal for Arbitrum delegates had requested a long-term comprehensive campaign, which is why a 12 month engagement was suggested here

  • With one quarter we can only do a few events, ship some content and roll out a few onboarding sessions, but it is not sufficient time to deilver an academy course or sufficiently involve complete newbies to the extent that they can find jobs or start their own gigs in crypto.

  • However we are open to a quarterly payment scheme. The first 25% payment can be made upfront and all subsequent payments are made based on quarterly reports being delivered which encompass the KPIs and MoS enlisted in this proposal. The Arbitrum DAO can put forward a proposal to stop these payments at anytime if the reported metrics do not fulfil industry standards in terms of RoI.


Hi @jengajojo! Congratulations on your proposal with BanklessDAO! :slight_smile: We’d just like to clarify that the Atoma team has engaged in discussions with various community members and delegates, and based on their recommendations, we have decided to kick off our project with a trial or pilot phase. Currently, Atoma is in the process of applying for the Education, Community Growth & Events Domain, as detailed in our proposal here. We are eager to begin our contributions to the protocol and wish you the best in your proposal.


Hi @jengajojo thanks for the proposal.

Like other proposals, I think we should establish a framework where any other MKT or similar service can come forward and the DAO can evaluate which is the best provider or if it is more than one.

This is a personal opinion and not of the SEEDLatam delegation.


Thanks for the update and clarification @Sebix and all the best with your application.

I generally agree with you @axlvaz_SEEDLATAM.eth and I had even proposed starting a discussion long time ago [Discussion] Service Provider Framework however since there was no follow up from the delegates, we have proceeded with our own proposal


I understand perfectly what you are saying, it has even happened to us with several proposals. But we also understand that the DAO is growing, maturing and maybe now it makes more sense to have this kind of proposals and frameworks to make this kind of vendor proposals more accessible.

If you change your mind we are open to a collaboration to work on a more general framework.


I urge delegates to vote against this proposal, entertaining it would encourage a slew of proposals from competitors asking for money

The right format is needs assessment survey → call for proposals → evaluate proposals from service providers

By skipping the first 2 steps, you encourage competitors to post their own proposal and it’s going to drain all our time to keep up with them

Also for specific campaigns like this one , we are better off having them apply to questbook or on arbitrum gitcoin rounds as a pilot rather than entrusting a massive $2 million contract for content creation


Food for thought.

As I have experienced success using Bankless Recruitment pipelines, and this proposal focuses on onboarding, maybe a pivot to a recruitment pipeline may prove valuable.

Bankless DAO either curates existing material, or localizes new material to attract diverse sets of potential ecosystem contributors. Bankless DAO looks to screen and funnel eligible candidates to open roles located on the Arbitrum Job Board:

Arbitrum Ecosystem consolidates recruitment asks into this Job Board for all open roles.

For every successful candidate placement into one of these open roles, Bankless DAO receives a bounty, similar to a recruitment agency, paid by the Arbitrum DAO based on different budgets/bandings/KPIs.

Funding is then tied to achievable outcomes, and both parties are aligned on results.


Thank you for the proposal. GFX is still evaluating it and has not determined its position. With regard to the budget, we have a couple questions.

Could we have a bit more breakdown of a few of these line items?

  • Multilingual content is almost 380k ARB. There is a comparable proposal for 167k ARB to translate all of Arbitrums technical documentation (including “Quickstart” documents on how to run a node etc) and provide social media content. That proposal is from a team with experience getting DAI traction in LATAM and includes specific deliverables like delivering talks at educational institutions, growing social media footprint, and creating/maintaining a Spanish-language subforum. How does this portion of the Bankless proposal compare to that one?

  • Podcast is 121k ARB. Which podcast is this? A new one or the main Bankless podcast or a different one?

  • Onboarding via Guilds and ‘How-to’ Sessions is 783k ARB. Can you elaborate on why there’s so much overhead for this? When we think of “guilds” we think of a chat server and maybe a fund to buy some pizza. That’s obviously not what’s proposed here, so helping to understand what materials are creating the costs for 40% of the grant would help us better understand.

Thank you, and looking forward to the replies!


Hey ArbitrumDAO citizens, Bankless Africa here, we have created this account to help engage the community in various discourse. This proposal included.

Hey @GFXlabs thanks for your questions. The podcast is the Bankless Africa Podcast.

Here are a couple of links.

Apple podcast



Some quick stats.

The Bankless Africa podcast is one of the dominant Web3 Podcast out of Africa.

:white_check_mark: We have produced over 100 episodes
:white_check_mark: We have over 35,000 All time downloads.
:white_check_mark: It has been listened to in over 100 countries - more than half of the world.
:white_check_mark: Top 5 countries include :point_down:t5:



I am a hardline “no” on this proposal for a multitude of reasons.

My recommendation would be to come back with a small proposal, with a focus on a much smaller scope and a much shorter timeline.

For example:

  • You can start with the first iteration of your “Onboarding via Guilds” and a few of your “How-To Sessions”. Delivered within 90 days.

This will allow the DAO to see what BanklessDAO can produce. It’s much better to start a relationship small and grow as both parties are finding mutual value than to look for the world’s greatest homerun when you first are stepping up to the plate.


Yo CryptoReuMD, here, IMPO, giving a DAO a Three month trial for execution and organizing it’s a little troublesome. We can see in our own governance inside arbitrum that this is slower than another organization, I think that BanklessDAO it’s going to give us a more robust explanation for the funds that we are asking. For small groups it’s very easy to stay laser focused within weeks, but I prefer a longer period. As I said, this is my opinion and I don’t reflect the overall situation and experience of our DAO.


Hey there, homie here.

Long time listener first time caller.

I’ve been bopping around bdao for a while. Good work is produced from them. I can see both sides of the coin with the amount of ARB discussion. However there’s ways to tackle the problem.

A potential idea:

Could this have an escrow account? If people are concerned about the amount?

You can then gauge the grant total by milestones. If a clarified grant is produced, it could break the portions of funding down by each successful milestone. Give 1/4 up front to start up the plan, then disperse?


My initial opinion is to vote NO to this proposal. The reasons are:

  • The amount that is being requested is almost two millions for writing content. For example for
Item 	Quantity 	Cost in ARB
Multilingual Marketing Campaign 	650 	111,650

what does quantity mean here? hours? publications? events? how is the price for each one measured?

  • The proposal intends to spend the amount of tokens over a period of one year and provides some measures of success but one year is a huge investment of time and maybe is not worth. Is the success evaluated every quarter? If the metrics are not reached quarterly do we stop the program?
  • Are there examples of similar projects in other DAOs? Is the success there measured? Can content be reused? I see a reference but is behind a gate
  • Is the bankless DAO also paying with their DAO tokens for this project? How much money is the DAO investing in it?
  • Why choose Bankless Africa for the podcast and not create podcast in other regions too?
  • The content created will be freely accessible to anyone wishing to consume it? Under what license?
  • For the section
Measure of Success:

    Number of Academy badges minted
    Number of active members as part of education cohorts in BanklessDAO guilds
    Number of transactions on Arbitrum
    Number of testimonials highlighting success stories of going full-time crypto

how are the Number of transactions on Arbitrum evaluated? How are this numbers evaluated? What would be a successful % of active members for example?

  • Is there a graph for the distribution of holders of the Bankless DAO token?
  • How will the funds be used? Will transactions in the course sponsored with the grant? How will be the tokens used?

Given the ongoing discussion outlined in this proposal, the Atoma team wants to share our expertise in addressing the challenges encountered by Arbitrum concerning its service providers. To this end, we are formulating a proposal with the objective of creating a robust framework for service providers. We invite the community to provide their feedback and collaborate in finding a solution to this matter.


I thnk this is going to be a big challenge for arbitrum community

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What about to create ArbitrumDAO running competition on Galxe? Sucessfull citizens will get “educational” vouchers, which they will use with certified (by ArbitrumDAO) educational service providers. IMHO it would be much fairer than 1-2 grants to the chosen ones.


Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback on this proposal. We have taken it into account and the notes from the recent call with delegates can be found here

As next steps:

a. BanklessDAO needs to find clarity on brand usage with BanklessHQ, hence we will not proceed with this proposal in its current format till this clarity is found.

b. We will continue to work with other delegates to identify a procurement framework for service providers under the education and onboarding domain and possibly bid under this framework if it gets approved.


It’s worth mentioning that outside of any kind of native viewers that BanklessDAO has, which truly is a small footprint, an experienced marketing project manager can likely facilitate the creation of all these deliverables with a fraction of the budget through a combination of Arbitrum community and freelancer execution.