Contributing to Data Transparency - Lampros Labs DAO's Updates on Dune Analytics

Hello everyone,

We are committed to making a meaningful contribution to the Arbitrum DAO by actively utilizing our capabilities. Recognizing a gap in public data information for various DeFi protocols on Dune Analytics, we are determined to contribute to bridging this information divide.

Our focus is on supporting Dune’s data infrastructure, aiming to improve accessibility for researchers, governance participants, and data enthusiasts seeking information on Arbitrum.

Presently, members of Lampros Labs DAO are actively contributing to the addition of spellbooks in the GitHub repository of Dune Analytics for different protocols on Arbitrum. As part of this initiative, we have recently submitted pull requests for the following DEXs:

Fraxswap, Chronos, Zyberswap, and Solidlizard DEXs on Arbitrum.

Apeswap, Oasisswap, Swapp_v2, Woofi, and Smardex DEXs on Arbitrum.

We will use this post to provide updates on all contributions made by our members to the Dune Analytics repository. We welcome any suggestions or contributions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us; your input is valuable.

Thank you.