Creating active community in ARBITRUM

Hey ARB Believers and Enthusiasts,

I truly want and we all stay active and help create a lasting decentralized space. One way is to learn from other governance experiments happening of course, but believe the biggest fault so far has been the entry barrier created by complex and attention-demanding governance structures, which prevent people from participating.

Yes, we need such complexity for the growing and safety, also few small but relevant ways for everyone to participate is essential. Fair, decentralized governance is a complex issue for all to tackle and participate with our unique experiences, expertise, knowledge.

Also creating platforms to interact in language other than English for engagement and expression is essential to keep an active community to create a truly decentralized space.

What are the ways to keep people active and engaged?

What do you think would be a good way to keep people active?

Cheers and great week ahead!!


As of right now, this second, what can I do with ARB other than LP a falling knife? I’m posting this genuine question all over the forum. You could be the first person to reply with an answer. I’ve been waiting hours for someone to give me an answer. You could be the first.


Local language participation will open doors for so many more community member participation


These threads are what give me faith in the future of true decentralization.
The key to keeping people engaged is to make them very clear that we need their contributions. It has nothing to do with technology or trading. It’s about being unique human beings with a lot of value to bring to a DAO like this one, with the ambition to create a community that transcends all kinds of barriers. One of those barriers is language, so I fully support the proposal to promote linguistic diversity in participation.


Learning from others and innovate is imp for ARB with the current fiasco


Necessary as the community is loosing faith


Let say a targeting goal of 5 millions active users per day.

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Creation of a powerful ecosystem of the project, the goal for long-term prospects, wide distribution of the zone of influence and interaction with other ecosystems

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Web 2.0 refers to websites that emphasize user-generated content, ease of use, participatory culture and interoperability for end users. › wiki › Web3
Bloomberg has described Web3 as an idea that “would build financial assets, in the form of tokens, into the inner workings of almost anything you do online”.

So Arbitrum is the engine it all runs on and governance is the Devs seeking direction.

Definition of terms is critical…

I agree with this! Ultimately, it’s about lowering barriers of entry as a first step. When I started contributing to DAOs, I would join community calls on Discord, weekly meetings of working groups where they’d have the link to add the calendar entries pinned in the forum and a short summary of all meetings in 2-3 sentences, so you could easily start understanding the context. Another big one is being present at hackathons and conferences where you can encourage people in a more direct way to contribute and show them that their opinion is valued by the DAO.