DataGrants: Permissionless Suggestion Box Kick-Off & Status

A quick update this week. Highlights include:

  • Votes on which bounties to fund - and how to allocate our funding across them - have been completed
  • Results from these were used to add the amount of the bounties to Dework
  • We know we have some builders working on both the Data Gathering section and the Data Analysis section; we need to ramp up further attention to attract more builders

Data Gathering submissions are due March 3rd.
Data Analysis submissions are due March 24th.

To learn more, ask questions, meet collaborators, and more - please drop into the channel we are using within the OpenData Community Discord.

Last but not least, the OpenData Community focus on this Permissionless Suggestion Box Data Grants program helped to catalyze the work to port a Grants Portal to support Arbitrum Grants. You can see progress on this work here: