Ecosystem Mapping - Fellowship Communication Thread

Genesis of Fellowship group:

During April 2024, members of our group all attended different contributor sessions hosted by ArbitrumDAO Onboarding. After a couple of weeks, we were placed in this group to tackle Ecosystem Mapping from an Arbitrum DAO perspective.

We have met once on our own accord, and have the broad mandate for formalizing a group objective and deliverables should we find the working group well positioned to add value to the DAO. We aim to do so by advancing ArbitrumDAO through an organized ecosystem mapping capacity.

Important documents:


Our ArbitrumDAO | Ecosystem Fellowship Group is composed of 7 people from 4 countries, and currently working to establish sub-working groups. @aminiman is the Gandalf of the group which helps organizes our volunteer efforts.


At present, we are following the guidelines of the Fellowship, and performing basic analysis of what is currently being done for Ecosystem Mapping, internally and externally. We are scheduled to meet at least 5 times minimum over the course of 2 months to propose formal objectives for the group. At the end of the 2 months, we are expected to draft at least 1 proposal to add value or disband the group. Any proposals should be vetted by at least 3 delegates.


The group has regular meetings w/ the following virtual meeting details: At present for Tuesdays, our meetings moving forward will be on Wednesdays at GMT 4 (or 11AM EST). We will use this time to help initiate sub-groups and provide updates to keep each other accountable for deliverables.

Meeting Notes:

We will use the comments section below to relay our meeting summaries for reference.

Next steps:

Over the next couple weeks, each team will be providing updates from our respective sub-groups at our weekly meeting. We aim to wrap up our respecitive tasks by June in advance of our 5th meeting when the fellowship concludes.

What can you do to help:

Please help us with contacts/introductions, including links and docs.

Just to make sure we are exhaustive in our outreach, please put anyone you know in those capacities in touch with us. You can start by mentioning them in this thread.

Additionally, feel free to respond to this thread with specific alpha and resources for us to get this group off to a great start.


Meeting: Tuesday 05/07/2024

Recap: The meeting focused on introducing participants, understanding their motivations for joining the session, and discussing the importance and methods of ecosystem mapping for the Arbitrum network. Participants shared their backgrounds and current projects, which set the stage for a deeper dive into the challenges and potential solutions for ecosystem mapping.

Discussion Points:

  1. Introductions and Backgrounds:
  • Participants introduced themselves, shared their current roles, and expressed their interests in the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  1. Importance of Ecosystem Mapping:
  • Amin Iman: Facilitator, emphasized the need to map the ecosystem to identify key areas for improvement and collaboration.
  • Ana-Maria Yanakieva: Highlighted the importance of understanding community issues and ecosystem development.
  • 3rdWorld Izzy: Focused on assessing community needs and aligning them with DAO initiatives to ensure impactful spending.
  • Caesar Premia: Emphasized the need for accessible information on key stakeholders and initiatives for better collaboration.
  • Katerina Bohle Carbonell: Stressed the importance of reducing barriers to entry and making it easier to find collaboration opportunities.
  1. Challenges in Ecosystem Mapping:
  • Difficulty in accessing and navigating existing resources and forums.
  • Lack of a centralized, user-friendly platform for new contributors to find information and opportunities.
  • Need for a more structured approach to onboarding and engaging with the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  1. Proposed Solutions:
  • 3rdWorld Izzy: Suggested local chapters to provide input and establish SOPs for fund allocation based on data-driven needs assessments.
  • Katerina Bohle Carbonell: Proposed creating a centralized platform (visual or AI-based) to display current initiatives, stakeholders, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Caesar Premia: Highlighted the need for clear pathways to contribution and easier access to key stakeholders.

Action Items:

  1. Create a Centralized Information Hub:
  • Explore discussion on a platform (possibly using AI) where contributors can easily access information on ongoing projects, key stakeholders, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Include a section for frequently updated highlights and key initiatives in the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  1. Improve Onboarding Processes:
  • Converse on a more structured onboarding process with clear pathways for new contributors.
  • Incorporate user-friendly documentation and examples to guide newcomers.
  1. Enhance Communication Channels:
  • Set up regular updates and summaries of meetings and initiatives in a centralized location (e.g., forums, Telegram).
  • Ensure that meeting transcripts and recordings are promptly available for asynchronous participation.
  1. Conduct Needs Assessments:
  • Implement tools for local chapters to conduct needs assessments and align community needs with DAO initiatives.
  • Utilize data from these assessments to justify and optimize fund allocation.
  1. Schedule and Timing Adjustments:
  • Propose new meeting times to avoid conflicts with other working group calls and governance meetings.