Gitcoin Grants Round 20 (GG20) on Arbitrum

As the Gitcoin Grants Program lead, I am thrilled to announce that Gitcoin Grants Round 20 (GG20) will be run on the Arbitrum network. This marks a step forward in our shared mission to support and accelerate the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

GG20 is focused on supporting projects at various stages of development and across the ecosystem, building Open Source Software. By aligning these rounds with Arbitrum’s focus on scalability, developer experience, and infrastructure development, we aim to create a powerful synergy that will drive the adoption and advancement of open-source technologies.

The four OSS Program rounds of GG20 on Arbitrum include:

  1. Hackathon Alumni: Supporting innovative projects emerging from recent hackathons, this round aligns with Arbitrum’s commitment to fostering a vibrant developer community and encouraging experimentation with cutting-edge technologies.

  2. dApps & Apps: Accelerating the development and adoption of user-centric applications, this round resonates with Arbitrum’s goal of enhancing Web3 accessibility and usability, ultimately driving the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

  3. Web3 Infrastructure: Strengthening the foundational infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, this round directly aligns with Arbitrum’s focus on scalability, security, and network efficiency. By supporting projects working on core client development, staking infrastructure, decentralized identity solutions, and more, we aim to bolster the Ethereum network’s resilience and future-proofing.

  4. Developer Tooling and Libraries: Improving developer efficiency and experience is a shared priority for both Gitcoin Grants and Arbitrum. This round supports projects that provide essential tools, frameworks, and libraries, enabling developers to build and deploy innovative solutions more effectively on the Arbitrum network and beyond.

ThankARB GG20 Incentives

In addition to the GG20 running on top of the Arbitrum Network, we are partnering with Thrive Protocol who will be working on behalf of Arbitrum DAO to supercharge GG20 with strategic incentives and assessment feedback loops.

Thrive Protocol will provide approximately 240,000 ARB in matching funds and rewards for grantees, round operators, and community members. This includes OSS round matching, rounds on Arbitrum meeting certain criteria, and ongoing impact assessments and validation. This initiative aims to drive meaningful participation, project quality, and verified impact while reducing friction for all stakeholders. For more details, check out this post on the Gitcoin Gov Forum.

Big thanks to @shawn16400 @DisruptionJoe @BenWest and the rest of the team @ Thrive who helped make this happen!


By running these rounds, we support deserving projects and connect them with an ecosystem of developers, users, and partners. The alignment between Gitcoin Grants’ funding initiatives and Arbitrum’s technical infrastructure creates a fertile ground for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

We are excited about this partnership’s potential to accelerate the growth and adoption of open-source technologies, attract top talent to the Ethereum ecosystem, and showcase the power of collaboration and community-driven innovation.

Applications for GG20 are open April 2 - 16, and donations are open April 23 - May 7th. Check out the rounds at

LFG y’all :rocket:


Gitcoin rounds are a memorable moment for the industry where all corners of the crypto world come together in the 2 weeks they are live.

Really thrilled that you’ve chosen arbitrum to run these core rounds! It onboards many more users to experience arbitrum for the first time and also expands our brand beyond the defi / finance / gaming pigeonholed

Kudos to the Plurality Labs & thrivecoin team on securing such a good agreement, the first major win of the bridge proposal.

I expect the lifetime value of the new users, gitcoin association, and participating projects using arbitrum to far exceed the 240k arb that is being put in. Well done and good luck with the round !


It is easy to overlook how impactful this is for both ecosystems. Freedom for builders and support for open source ARE THE SAME THING.

GG20 is just a start building on the impact we had together last year. I personally love how @BenWest was able to bring together the Gitcoin round and Thrive protocol to double down on great builders in the round who are building on Arbitrum. This is on top of the 100k ARB support for the open source round in general. This allows us to support ethereum as a whole and our open source dependencies.

Additionally, we’ve contacted many of the builders identified by Open Source Observer to apply to the main round.

We are talking about well over a million onchain transactions and 10,000 of new - quality - users having their first experience on Arbitrum. Well done everyone!

I look forward to discussing how to make this kind of support for open source continuous using sequencer fees!