Arbitrum GovMonth Week 4: Vote for your favorite projects!

Arbitrum GovMonth Week 4: Support Some Great Projects

As we enter Week 4 of GovMonth, we have some great activities lined up for you this week, and here’s the best part – you can earn ARB tokens while participating!

What’s happening this week?

  1. Donate today on the Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest 3! 100K ARB up for grantees!

  2. Up to 15k Arb up for grabs on the ThankArb incentives dropping on Tuesday, Sept 26 (12 UTC).

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    • This Week’s Contributions :
      • Completing a questionnaire on Ethelo
      • Voting on Snapshot
      • Signing up for Push
      • Reposting our messaging
  3. Bi-weekly Grants & Governance workshop[ on Tuesday, Sept 26, 14:00 UTC

  4. Arbitrum x Gitcoin Grantee Shill Space on Tuesday, Sept 26, 15:00 UTC

  5. TwitterSpace hosted by ArbitrumNewsDAO 1 w/ Partners , Sept 27, 15:00 UTC

  6. Another Gitcoin grantee shill space on Thursday, Sept 28 (TBC)

In Closing:

This is our last week of #GovMonth and there are still many ways for you to participate and support! we are excited to see where the community sensemaking takes us and we are excited to finally be distributing funding!


Social finance is a great project I would like to see and support anytime. More people should go into it

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Update on Arbitrum on Gitcoin Program

We got some great stats for the current Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest with over 100k in donations and more than 4,000 contributions by 1,200 unique individuals. The program is still live so these numbers will go up more!

Only a few days remain to support excellent projects. Donate today!

Community Engagement

Twitter Spaces

To increase project visibility and offer insights into the Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest and #Govmonth, we had two Twitter Spaces events. The first was a dedicated “Shill” space, where projects participating in the Arbitrum on Gitcoin round had the opportunity to share their work. So far, 91 accounts tuned in to listen.

The second Twitter Space event was hosted by the foundation from the main Arbitrum Twitter account, with an impressive 348 tuned in (to date). During this session, we provided context on the efforts of Plurality Labs, discussed #Govmonth and future plans, and heard from our partners at Thrivecoin, who provide the infrastructure for our incentives platform, ThankARB. We also heard from Gitcoin grantees.

Bi-weekly Grants & Governance Workshop

We held our bi-weekly grants and governance workshop which was well attended.

ThankArb Incentives

This week, a couple of incentives were offered for contributions on Here are the results from contributions.

  • Currently, a snapshot vote is underway to reduce Friction and Growth and Innovation priorities. So far, 22,500 wallets have participated, with 8 million ARB tokens weighed in ranking statements regarding the next focus areas. Have your say by voting here
  • The “ArbitrumDAO Priorities” survey led by Ethelo has garnered responses from 2,000 participants.
  • You could earn some ARB tokens, by donating to the current Gitcoin round ($10 or greater) and retweeting! So far 66 accounts have participated.

How to Participate

We are almost at the end of #GovMonth and we are starting to see some really good data - we are excited to see where the community sensing takes us and we are excited to finally be distributing funding!

  • There’s still time to donate to great projects for the Arbitrum on Gitcoin grant program
  • Follow ArbitrumGrants on Twitter to get up to date