Arbitrum DAO News: Governance, EthDenver GovHack and Technical AIPs, February 14th 🔥

Just a couple of weeks away from EthDenver and with ERC4844 on the horizon, delegates have a lot to analyze, but it also speaks to all the exciting things happening in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Let’s dive into the Arbitrum DAO Updates! :rocket:

:eyes: TL;DR - Snapshot of the Week

  • Arbitrum GovHack Around the Corner
  • Incentive Program Delegate Application
  • Arbitrum Foundation Transparency Report 2023
  • Walkthrough & AMA for Live Technical AIPs Recap
  • Review of Delegate Domain Allocation by Question Grants Program
  • Arbitrum vs Optimism Blockworks Report
  • Upcoming DAO Calls and Events
  • Active Proposals Live for Voting
  • Notable Forum Discussions

:jigsaw:Arbitrum Ecosystem News

:computer: Arbitrum GovHack Around the Corner

Eth Denver is around the corner, and with it, members of the Arbitrum DAO have built Arbitrum Gov Hack, an event that will take place from January 26th to 29th in Denver, Colorado, allowing web3 contributors to contribute to the future of the DAO for 3 days.

Not just technical skills are required, any contributor can participate.

If you can’t make it to EthDenver this time, you can participate online, as long as at least one of the participants is present at the event.

Registration link.

:bookmark_tabs: Arbitrum Foundation Transparency Report 2023

The Arbitrum Foundation and the ArbitrumDAO are 10 months old, and it has been an amazing year for the community.

As part of the Arbitrum Foundation’s commitment to transparency and giving the community insight into the Foundation’s operations, today the Foundation shared its first annual transparency report.

Focused on development and technical advancement, grants and strategic partnerships, and of course, educational and community initiatives.

Read the report.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Arbitrum vs Optimism Blockworks Report

Arbitrum and Optimism, optimistic rollups based on fraud-proof technology, are the reigning kings of the Ethereum scaling landscape today. With over $6 billion in stablecoins and ETH, and over $15 billion in total value secured, Arbitrum and Optimism represent not only technical ingenuity but also a changing paradigm for investability within the Ethereum and greater crypto ecosystem.

This report, created by Blockworks, delves into the intricate workings of these rollups, unpacking their potential to redefine the core theses of every crypto investor.

Read the report.

:newspaper: Governance News

:speaker:Walkthrough & AMA for Live Technical AIPs Recap

Offchain Labs and L2Beat did walkthroughs of the details behind 4 technical AIPs and answered questions from the audience.

:thread: Incentive Program Delegate Application

Two weeks after the approval of the delegate incentive program, the organizing committee has opened applications for delegates who meet the program’s requirements to express their interest in participating, as well as provide the requested KYC by the foundation.

Apply here.

:bank: Arbitrum Research & Development Collective Application Closed

Applications for the Arbitrum DAO’s ARDC have closed, and now participants will undergo the KYC/KYB process before moving on to off-chain elections on Snapshot to determine the final members of this new committee.

Check the list of applications here

:dollar: Grants News

:moneybag: Review of Delegate Domain Allocation by Questbook Grants Program

L2BEAT’s governance team has called on delegates who voted on the initial proposal of the Domain Allocator Questbook Grant Program to analyze a possible new proposal that would allow the program to have more funding and continue incentivizing the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Check Arbitrum Questbook domain updates here.

:saluting_face: Round 5 of “Our Biggest Minigrants Yet” is live!

This week, the ArbitrumDAO will be granting 2,500 ARB to each of the top four projects, totaling 10,000 ARB distributed in this round.

If you are developing in the ‘Bridging the Gap to TradFi’ category, we encourage you to submit your application.

:bank: Treasury News

:scroll: Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program

The off-chain STEP proposal, which aims to diversify 35 million ARB from Arbitrum into stable and liquid assets, has been approved by the DAO and is now ready to apply the received feedback and move to Tally for a final verdict.

:woman_judge:t2: Some Governance Discussions:

Proposal: [Non-Constitutional] Funding for Into the Dungeons: Machinata - a PvP Digital Miniature Game V2


The proposal is for funding “Into the Dungeons: Machinata,” a PvP digital miniature game by Forgotten Machine. The team seeks 60,000 $ARB initially, with a total ask of 180,000 $ARB, to be disbursed in three tranches based on milestone completions. The game features turn-based tactics with players using a 9 card deck to capture the opponent’s base. The funding will support various development stages, including branding, website creation, marketplace development, card creation, Unreal Engine prototype updates, smart contracts, and initial marketing. The team highlights their previous contributions to the Arbitrum ecosystem and proposes benefits to the DAO, including introducing a new digital miniature model to Web3 and offering a portion of the game’s supply to the Arbitrum community.


The proposal is currently available on Snapshot and with a very close vote, there are only a few hours left until February 15th for the final decision.

AIP: ArbOS 20 “Atlas” - Arbitrum Support for Dencun + Batch Poster Improvements


This AIP proposes a number of improvements to Arbitrum chains, including the capability to leverage EIP 4844 to post batches of L2 transactions as Blobs on L1 Ethereum at a cheaper price. The proposal also includes support for most of the changes included in Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade and 2 improvements to batch posting for Arbitrum One and Nova.


A Q&A session about this AIP was conducted by Offchain due to the level of difficulty presented.

The on-chain voting is available on Tally and will start on February 16th.

Proposal: Experimental Incentive Program for Arbitrum Game Builders (for Discussion)


This proposal is an Experimental Incentive Program to support game developers and related ecosystems on Arbitrum and Orbit Chains, aiming to diversify beyond DeFi.


The proposal is currently in the forum, receiving feedback following the natural flow of the DAO’s governance process.

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

Active Proposals Live for Voting

The following proposals are available for voting, and we encourage all delegates to analyze and exercise their right to vote.

No longer Active Proposals for Voting

The following proposals have concluded, and we invite delegates to stay tuned for their development within the Arbitrum DAO. The approval of a proposal is just the beginning, not the end.

:date: Governance Calls

Upcoming Calls:

  • Digital Networking Event
  • Arbitrum KPI Working Group
  • Arbitrum - L2Beat Office Hours
  • Biggest Problem Workshop Series
  • Incentives Working Group Call

You can subscribe and add the Arbitrum governance calls to your calendar here.

:globe_with_meridians: Arbitrum DAO Resources

To stay connected and informed, here are some valuable resources:

:saluting_face: Stay Connected, Stay Informed

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